Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Style Smaller Shop

A few weeks back, my friend, Savvy in San Francisco, posted on a new shop that was created by her friend, Style Smaller (don't you love the blogging world?  We all seem to meet virtually at some point).  The images she shared had me intrigued and I popped over to take a look.

I was suddenly viewing some of the cutest accessories, home decor and toys that I have ever seen for the littles.

Kate has pulled together an incredible collection of items that make it hard not to order.  I couldn't resist.  With Easter right around the corner I was able to pick up a number of items for Baby Girl's basket that are unique with prices that do not break the bank.  After all the responses on Instagram, asking where I picked up the above necklace and below tattoos, I figured I had to share more.  

Here is just a glimpse at her shop and what you can pick up for your littles.

The best part of all is that Kate is incredible to work with on your order.  
It makes supporting the shop even better.

You can visit the entire Style Smaller Shop here

Monday, April 14, 2014

No Brainer

The jumpsuit.
The perfect item for looking pulled together without any fuss.  
You do not even have to think about it.
A Baby/Wedding Shower, lunch with friends, over a bathing suit, Brunch, a party, a date night.
They truly work for numerous situations and pull through when you just cannot figure out what to wear.
I highly recommend having at least one of these go-to pieces in your closet.

Friday, April 11, 2014


This week felt like summer.

And I am really craving summer.

Spring Break for the boys is a week away and I am crossing my fingers we get the same amazing weather we had this past week.  I also hope that summer gets here soon as I am looking forward to spending more days like the photo above and less living in my car running around with the kids like crazy people.

Warm days.  
Warm nights.
No plans.
Beach days.

It is almost here!

If you missed it this week...
I am dying over Cleobella's Baby line...
I got a little personal...
I cannot get enough of these luxurious pajamas...

Happy Weekend.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Maison Du Soir

"A well spent day brings happy sleep" - Leonardo DaVinci

Sleep and I used to have a love/hate relationship.
I knew I needed it, but I felt that it got in the way of fun and exciting things that I would perhaps miss out on.  
I would stay up late and wake up early.
Then I grew up.
And I LOVE sleep.

The hubby and I have developed a ritual that begins as soon as all the kids are in bed.
I wash my face, take out my contacts and put on my pajamas.
Whatever is not done that day (emptying the dishwasher, folding laundry, etc.) will have to wait until tomorrow.
We curl up on the couch with a cup of tea and chat about the day, catch one of our favorite shows (right now it is Suits and West Wing reruns) and enjoy the only alone time we get during the week.
Then it is off to bed in complete exhaustion, ready to catch as much rest as we can before the next day begins.

It is my favorite.

With a new found love of rest and sleep, I have also developed a love for pajamas.
There was a time when I would just throw on a tank and shorts or pants and not think twice.  
Lately though, I am obsessed with pajamas.
Cute, comfortable pajamas sets that look good enough to wear during the day.
My current favorite is Maison Du Soir.

Maison Du Soir is a Southern California based line created by Courtney Kates.  Courtney recognized that there was a lot of focus on women's daywear but not nearly enough attention on our sleepwear.  Why look fabulous by day and frumpy at night?  I like her way of thinking, don't you?  Courtney set out to create a sleepwear line that focused on softness, quality of fabric and fit.  She nailed it.  Each collection offers beautiful prints and silhouettes that are flattering, can be mixed and matched, and work for even the fussiest of sleepers.  You cannot image how soft and comfortable this line is.  Whether you are wearing the silk or cotton pieces, you will want to live in them.  Plus, when someone knocks on your front door early in the morning, before you have gotten dressed, you won't have to hide behind the door anymore.  You will actually look put together!

Courtney's Spring collection has just launched and it is absolutely stunning.  I am obsessed with the florals and pinks (which is big for me because I am normally not a pink person) and I have been currently living in the Dahlia Dress and Peony Shorts.  Next on my list?  The Magnolia Foral Top with the Jaclyn Floral Shorts.  The entire LookBook just offers too much goodness.

You can find Maison Du Soir in their online shop or here in Southern California at numerous boutiques listed here

Sweet Dreams.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Sometimes we are wrong

Excuse me while I get a little personal on the blog today.

Yesterday I went to Confession for the first time in 20 years.

If you were to ask me why it has taken so long, I could give you a laundry list of reasons.  In fact, I probably developed every excuse possible to convince myself that there really was no need for me to go, therefore spending years without even considering it.  

The truth was though, that I was just scared.

Scared to accept and tell someone else that perhaps I do things that are just not right sometimes.  Scared of what they would say.  Scared of what they might think.  

Just scared.

Then I realized that I expect this out of my children every day but never hold myself accountable for the same thing.

When my children do something wrong that I did not see, the first thing I say is "What happened?"  or "What did you do?".  I then expect a nine, six and three year old to comfortably outline all things they just did wrong.  Instead of a simply stated response, I receive eyes that won't look at me, a voice that I can hardly hear and a hung head.  At this point I will continue to tell them that they need to tell me what happened or there are going to be consequences.  I push them to open up, explain to me the situation and what they did.  I do not allow them to hide from what they did, understanding that only by them acknowledging that what they did was wrong will they learn from their mistakes and think twice about doing it again.  

Makes perfect sense.

We all do things that are wrong sometimes.  It is human nature.  No one is perfect and we all know this.  But how often do we speak out and acknowledge that some of the decisions we have made are not the best ones to someone else?  Our children have to, everyday, but we seem to hold ourselves to a different expectation.  

And you know what the crazy part is?

It feels wonderful.

No wonder children can move on from doing something wrong and never think twice about it again.  They have admitted it to us, understand that they should not have done it and know that this does not define who they are.  The weight of the entire situation is gone in a second.  

What I discovered yesterday is that even though the things that I do wrong seem to be things that I feel I can move on from, they were weighing me down without knowing it.  

I don't like that I judge people sometimes.  I don't like that the hubby and I fight.  I don't like that I have hurt people.  These are just a few things I mentioned but you get the picture.  It felt great acknowledging my weaknesses and wrongdoings.  It felt as is a massive weight has been lifted off my shoulders and it also made me very aware of the little things I sometimes get wrapped up in that perhaps I need to stay away from (mom gossip anyone???).  I also acknowledge that though at times I can be weak, making the wrong decision, it doesn't define who I am.  

I am not writing this to send you all to Confession.  We all have our different faiths, beliefs and ideas and I am not here to change that.  I am simply saying we all sometimes need to just openly admit what we have done wrong, if not for anything but to make ourselves feel better, learning from our mistakes, and to think twice before we do it again.

Just like we try to teach our children.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Bella Baby

Cleobella, the handmade clothing and accessory line, has always caught my eye for the intricate design and eye catching patterns and colors used in every piece that is made.  Each one is a work of art and I currently have my eyes on this handbag and this clutch for Spring.  What I never realized until perusing their website the other day is that they have a baby line, Bella Baby.

It is just too much.

First, you have the adorable harem pants for the littles.
Chambray Ikat / White Ikat / Purple Ikat

 Then there are the beautiful blankets...
Coral and Turquoise Ikat / Royal Stripe Ikat / Purple Stripe Ikat

And as if the pants and blankets weren't enough, they also have bibs!
Burgundy / Peach / Navy

I adore the sophisticated colors and detail in the fabrics of each handmade item.  If only Baby Girl could fit in the pants and still used blankets and bibs.  Luckily I have friends and family having babies because I am dying to order some of these.  They would make the perfect baby shower gift don't you think?

You can view the entire Bella Baby collection here.

Friday, April 4, 2014


As much as I know that it is true, I always seem to forget that when it rains, it pours.

I can't complain.  It is all wonderful things.  Visits with designers, writing for Orange Coast magazine, writing for Parenting OC, redesigning the blog, starting the Gala planning process, planning my sister's Baby Shower.  Like I said, all wonderful things but man it all seems to have hit at the same time.  I have never felt so accomplished when crossing something off the To-Do list.  The plan is to have all of it done by Sunday.  Crossing fingers!

Yesterday's post highlighted my visit to the 16th Colony studio and I must remind you that their 40% off the entire online store runs through Sunday.  If you haven't already, it is a must.  Their ponchos are beautiful and the perfect piece for the upcoming summer months.  

Happy Weekend.