If there is one shopping destination that I can visit and be sure to walk away with a few favorites, it is SHOPBOP.  It becomes a happy happy day when a new sale launches because it really justifies the purchase of all those items I have been coveting without all the guilt.  Right now, they are offering a progressive sale, providing the following discounts…

15% off orders of $250+

20% off orders of $500+

25% off orders of $1000+

All you need to do is use code BIGEVENT15

SHOPBOP can be overwhelming with their large selection so I have pulled together some of my favorites for Spring that would go with most anything in your closet.  All you need to do is scroll over the image and you will see the brand and price information (BEFORE the discount of course).  This even ends Saturday, March 7th at 11:59pm so make sure you place your orders!  You can shop the entire event here.


As much as I would like to say that I am NOT one of those moms that put on workout clothes each morning, I absolutely am.  There is a few reasons.  First and foremost, if I am dressed to workout, I will more likely actually workout.  Two, when it is 5:15am, it doesn’t take much thought to put on leggings and a shirt.  Thirdly, I would really love to stay in my pajamas when I take the kids to school but unfortunately I need to sign my daughter into her preschool which means people have to see me and workout clothes are the next best thing to pajamas.

I definitely have my preferences when it comes to workout clothes (as I mentioned in this post) but one thing is consistently; almost everything is black.  Yes, black as black can be.  I cannot tell you how many pairs of black leggings I have but it is a crazy number.  BORING.  But that is what I always buy.  Then I was perusing Instagram and came across GoldSheep clothing, a Laguna Beach based clothing company specializing in badass leggings.  They had posted a photo of an event at Bloomingdale’s South Coast Plaza and it shared their Gold Lights leggings.  I became obsessed.  I knew there was a pretty good chance the inseam would not be long enough on them so I sent an email not expecting much.  Keri, the Mastermind behind Goldsheep, quickly got back to me and said no problem, what inseam do I want?  Um What?!  Now I didn’t just want the amazing pants because I loved them but because I was impressed by the personal service.  A few days later my leggings arrived and I now wear them entirely too much (I am actually wearing them write now as I type, no joke.)

Screen shot 2015-03-03 at 11.49.30 AM

I was hooked.

When it came time to shoot the B Mega Fit post there was only one brand I wanted to be wearing in the workout.  GoldSheep.  Of course I was late to the game in ordering and Keri once again came through with getting me a pair of their best seller, the pineapple cropped leggings.  They are crazy good.  I cannot tell you how many people have reached out since this post, asking me where I got the pants.  They were definitely a hit.

So what is it about these leggings that make them better than the rest?  Initially, the prints catch your eye.  They are unlike any leggings you have seen anywhere and they definitely get attention.  Plain black leggings be gone!  I love the two prints that I own but there are so many amazing prints to choose from.  The Black Rain and the Winterland are next on my list.

Screen shot 2015-03-03 at 11.52.35 AM Screen shot 2015-03-03 at 11.48.52 AM


The second and more important reason I love these leggings is how incredibly comfortable they are.  I cannot put into words how much more comfortable they are than most leggings I own.  They are very soft and extremely flattering.  They are easy to workout in and make for the perfect casual pant on a cold day.  The waistband is not too tight and you won’t be tugging at them all day.  Simply said, they feel like a second skin.

Finally, Keri and the entire team at GoldSheep are extremely friendly and focused on customer service, which is extremely important to me.  I know that if anything was wrong with one of their products, they would not hesitate to fix it.  They take a lot of pride in their product and it shows.  I love that they are a locally based company and growing by the second.  Another kick ass woman going after her dream and I want to support her 100%.

You can view the entire collection of GoldSheep clothing here.  Online they have some pretty fabulous prints and new ones will be released soon.  I highly suggest making a visit.  You won’t be disappointed.


I have never been much of a weights girl.  Actually, let me re-phrase.  I hate weights.  I have a true addiction to aerobic exercise and the idea of lifting weights has always sounded terrible to me.  I am fully aware that weights do a lot of good but you are never going to see me in a Crossfit class no matter how much you try to tempt me.  It is just not for me.

As much as I am not a fan of weights, I have always appreciated the importance of having muscle when it comes to staying trim and even more, aging.  Over the past few years I have realized this even more and as 40 slowly continues to get closer (ONLY 4 MORE YEARS!!) I have been trying to incorporate resistance and weight training into my workout regime.  TRYING is the key word here without much success.  It is really just not my cup of tea.  Then I found B Mega Fit, Lagree Fitness using the Megaformer, or what I like to call, a medieval torture machine used for resistance training.  Lagree Fitness includes the five key requirements to achieve physical fitness; muscular strength, muscular endurance, cardiorespiratory endurance, flexibility and body composition.  Many think the Megaformer is similar to pilates and in some ways it is but it takes it too an entire different level.

B Mega Fit invited five friends and I in for a class and today is Sunday and I think the pain has finally faded away.  It is one of those workouts that you begin full of confidence.  The movements are nice and slow and the resistance if not too intense.  No biggie right?  Then you move through every single muscle you know about, along with about 50 more you didn’t know you had and by the end you are simply asked to lunge and your left leg is shaking uncontrollably.  Not so easy anymore.  Here is just a glimpse of our workout (disclaimer: I look like ass when I workout.  I just do.  I could have done my hair and put on makeup for these photos but then that wouldn’t be real, so instead you are getting the look of death..enjoy.).


mega 6

mega 7

mega 5

mega 9

mega 10

mega 3

Per the norm, the next two days were painful.  I was sore.  Real sore.  No pain no gain right?  It truly was a full body workout with muscles being sore that I didn’t know I had.  I have thought I was in pretty good shape but this class is definitely shaking things up a bit.  It was awesome.

I have now found my replacement for weights.  This workout will give me the same result as weights but without all the weight training.  I want to be toned and tight for summer and I now see who is going to make it happen.  B Mega Fit is located at 1501 Corporate Drive, Suite B-1 in Ladera Ranch.  I highly suggest giving it a try.  You will be hooked.  With the countdown to Summer now on, there are no excuse.  You can view there class schedule here.

By the way, did you notice my amazing pineapple leggings?  They are by Goldsheep Clothing and I will be sharing more with you on Wednesday but they are absolutely the most comfortable (let alone the cutest) leggings I own.  Take a look at their shop and I will be giving you all the deets on them soon!

Happy Monday.

* Thank you B Mega Fit for having us and for all my friends who were willing to be photographed while working out.  Not many people would.  Your the best.

Eye shadows sometimes look amazing in the package, or even when applied by a professional and then end up being anything but. I have discovered this one too many times and have way too many unused eye shadows to show for it. So in an effort to save you the time and that twinge of frustration when the color just doesn’t look quite right, here is my list of the top four colors to get yourself now.

1. Chanel – Taupe
Your eye color will pop when you apply this just in the crease of the eye. Chanel shadows have baked in color for a more saturated pigment and longer lasting wear. And this easy to wear, classic shade will last you forever.

2. Mac – Brown Down
This is the best neutral brown I’ve ever found. No shimmer, no fuss, just the perfect brown. You can use this in the crease for a more natural daytime look or all over the lid for a smokier eye.

3. Stila – Kitten
Yes, every beauty editor is correct. This is the best highlighting, shimmering shade you can find.

4. Bobbi Brown – Rose Gold
The husband of eye shadow colors. Like I’m married to wearing it. The shade is so pretty all over the lid and is perfect alone in the daytime or worn as a base in the evening. It has the right amount of shimmer and warms up the complexion beautifully.

Until next time JIH readers, happy shadow shopping!


Rock Box 1

Let me start off by saying that I know I missed a post on Monday.  If you follow along with me on Instagram, you may have thought it was because I over did it in Vegas (which I may have…).  The truth is, I had every intention of posting and was actually working on a post when Baby Girl came to me crying that her arm hurt.  The same arm that she said hurt after wrestling with her brothers the Thursday night before we left.  This time, it didn’t look quite so nice so I left the screen right where it was and rushed to the ER.  Four hours and a fractured arm later, I never went back to the post.  I instead spent the rest of the night feeling TERRIBLE that she had fractured her arm on Thursday and we did not have it looked at until Sunday.  Granted we were out of town and she did not mention it again but seriously, Mom of the Year, right here.  So there you have it.  Nothing like an exciting trip to the hospital to kick off the week.

So instead you are getting Monday’s post today.  And it is a good one because it involves amazing accessories and only $19.

Have you heard of ROCKSBOX?  I had seen a bit over social media but had never really looked into it.  Then they reached out and I did a little research and now I am just upset I am not the one that thought of it.  Here is the scoop.  First, you become a Shine Insider by complete their survey, providing them with an idea of your style.  You also create a “Wish List”, previewing their inventory and selecting items you would like to wear.  Second, you get three pieces to wear on loan.  You can wear them as much as you want and send them back for three additional pieces as often as you would like.  Every set has three pieces of jewelry and averages a value of $200.  This all comes at only $19/month.  I am calling it the Netflix for Accessory Lovers.  Genius.  The added bonus?  If there are any pieces that you just do not want to send back because they are a must to keep, you do not have to.  You can simply purchase it online and not return it with the rest of the items.  You also receive $10/month to put toward any of your purchases.

For someone who is very particular about jewelry, this service is awesome to try out pieces prior to buying them and only keeping the ones that I love.  My first order arrived over the weekend and it contained a Perry Street Cicily Necklace, Ashiana London Two Stone Bracelet and a Gorjana Mesa Ring.  The set was exactly my style and I was actually a bit surprised at how on point they were.

Rock Box 6

Rock Box 3

Rock Box 4

Rock Box 5

I love the pieces and plan on getting some wear out of them throughout the next week.  I even already purchased the Gorjana ring with my credit because I cannot stop wearing it.  So far, so good!

Now here is the fun part.  Beginning today, ROCKSBOX is is offering all Juggling in Heels readers 1 month FREE!  All you need to do is simply use the code jugglinginheelsxoxo when you check out and your first month is on them!  Why wouldn’t you try it out I say?!  You can sign up with ROCKSBOX by clicking here and begin creating your own wish list.  This code is only good for 30 days so make sure you do not miss out!

Happy Accessorizing!

Call me crazy but I have already fast forwarded to Spring, warm nights and music festivals.  You can blame the summer weather we have been having here in Orange County but I CANNOT wait for Spring to officially arrive.  This look is inspired by my upcoming visit to StageCoach.  Yes, I realize this is not until the end of April but like I said….CANNOT wait for it all.  I merged three of my favorite Spring trends into this one look; loose fitting dresses, gladiator sandals and fringe.  Oh how I love it all.

Screen shot 2015-02-19 at 10.27.33 AM

< Dress / Crossbody / Ring / Sunglasses / Sandals / Necklace >

As the weather continues to stay warm in Orange County, my palette for clothes seems to be slowly lightening up.  My all black uniform seems to be too harsh these days and the lighter shades are beginning to creep in.  One of my favorite combinations is grey and white.  There is something extremely refreshing about this combination that makes me think that Winter is slowly leaving us and Spring is right around the corner.  Of course, with out a little color it might come across a bit drab so just at touch of pink to the nails and lips adds some softness and light to an otherwise clean canvas.

Screen shot 2015-02-17 at 12.29.11 PM

< Sunglasses / Tee (30% off) / Watch / Snood / Jeans / Crossbody / Heels / Nail Polish / Lipstick >

Spring 1

I know this completely unfair.  As the East Coast bears down for freezing temps,  I am looking out at 84 degree weather, perfectly blue skies and kids playing in the backyard.  It is amazing and greatly appreciated.  I do love my layers but this weather is getting me excited for beach days, sandals, backyard parties and dresses.  Spring is right around the corner and I can feel it (literally).

Photo Via Pinterest

Back in the days when I worked at Nordstrom, I always found Valentine’s Day gift shopping humorous.  Men would come in and say that they wanted to get their lady some lingerie as a gift.  I found myself smirking thinking to myself, “isn’t that really a gift for you?”.  I mean, she gets lingerie, she puts it on, man is extremely happy.  I would list off a number of things in my head that this woman would probably enjoy more than some lingerie.  It wasn’t that I was against lingerie, it was just that I understood how personal it is and how it is important for the woman to select herself, ensuring that she can try on the pieces and select those that make her feel strong and confident while also sexy and seductive.  But I never said anything. I would help him select some items, wrap them up and send him on his way.

Today, I still believe that lingerie is a very hard thing to buy for someone else.  That doesn’t mean, however, that I do not think there are some incredible intimates that make the perfect gifts.  Top of my list that I constantly reference to clients are pajamas.  Pajamas can be sexy and intimate but still conservative for those women who have children running around.  My favorites are Maison du Soir but I am also fond of Eberjey, Wildfox and Zoe Karssen.  Women more often than not won’t spend money on nice pajamas and make the perfect Valentine’s Day gift.

If a man wants to give a little more intimate for Valentine’s Day, I always suggest a bralette and/or matching sets.  Women can wear these every day, not waiting for the “special occasion” of lingerie, making them a bit more practical than those pieces that sit in the bottom of the drawer forever.  They are sexy, simple and there are so many beautiful designs filled with lace and prints available all over the place.  Plus, they are easier to get right than an entire lingerie set.  I am obsessed with the Vanity Lace Bralette by For Love and Lemons and both Eberjey and Hanky Panky make very simple yet beautiful sets.

Screen shot 2015-02-07 at 10.18.05 AM      < Maison du Soir pajama set / Eberjey set / Wildfox Robe / For Love and Lemons Bralette / Eberjey Teddy / Zoe Karssen set / Hanky Panky Bralettes >