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Not suprising, I know.  I just absolutely fell in love with New York City from the moment I stepped out of our hotel and began walking the streets.  I have been to other big cities (i.e. Chicago, San Francisco, Dallas) but NOTHING compares to the energy and excitement of New York.  I could write for days on my trip but that may not be that interesting to you, so I am going to show some of my “first” experiences, along with other great places I was able to enjoy while there.

First Tourist Spot
Since I love sweets (as do my children), this was a definite on the list of stopping by.  Since it was only a few blocks from my hotel, it was the first place I visited once arriving.  All I have to say is, three stories of candy.  Fabulous!  I was able to pick up so many great items for the kids (and for myself) and wish we had one nearby to hold a birthday party at!
First Subway Ride
Canal Street

Yes, this public transportation snob actually took the subway, not once, but many times while there.  My interest rose after two cab rides that almost made me lose my lunch.  So, I moved on to the subway and by the end of the trip, I could actually read the subway map!
First Department Store
Bloomingdales was my first experience at a New York department store and I about died when I saw that it was 9 floors!  I wanted to stay away from department stores but Saks and Bloomies were a definite since they are SO much better than the ones here at South Coast Plaza (nothing against those, they are nice, but come on, 9 FLOORS!)  I was extremely happy to pick up the Rag and Bone Cobalt Blue Flare jeans I have been searching for forever (more on those in another post)!
First Museum
One of the only “musts” on my list was to see the Alexander McQueen exhibit at the Met.  It had received incredible reviews and surpassed all expectations.  The exhibit was an experience and there is no way to describe his collections in person.  It was the only exhibit I went through but I would love to go back to see so many of the others that we missed.
First Dining Experience
All I kept hearing about was how good the food was going to be.  Everyone was right.  I thought that shopping would be the most enjoyable part of the trip but it was actually the dining experience that I loved.  Marc Forgione’s restaurant had fabulous decor and an incredible menu.  I also ate dinner at Hearth and Buddakan NYC, both which were also fantastic.  I am currently on detox from eating the ENTIRE time I was there.

First Sample Sale
Lucky for me my best friend new that I was in NY and sent me a tweet that Yumi Kim was having a sample sale in SoHo.  I was actually standing about 5 stores from where it was being held so I headed over and I was able to pick up two gorgeous tops at amazing prices!  I love them both and am now a Yumi Kim fan!
SoHo Shopping Experience
There is nothing like SoHo.  It was my favorite place to shop in all of New York.  So many familiar stores among amazing boutiques that you cannot find anywhere else.  Those were my favorite.  Places that I had a great time spending money at were:
* I could have purchased the entire store

First Happy Hour
Every afternoon we stopped for a little happy hour.  I mean, why not, we have no children and shopping is exhausting!  I visited the Plaza Hotel for the first time and loved sitting in the Oak Room, looking out at Central Park while I indulged in a fabulous cheese plate and glass of wine.  
Sorry for the long post but I cut other things out to not make it a novel.  Overall, an amazing first trip and I am excited to go back again.  The hubby is already onboard for a couple’s trip so… 
New York, until next time!

As I have mentioned in previous posts, I am heading out of town tonight for a girls trip to New York.  You would think that this means I am spending every opportunity that I have packing myself, prepping my books and magazines for the flight and simply getting excited for all that I am going to see.  Oh how wrong this is.  Yes, I am spending all my free time getting ready for my departure, but for everyone else.

Every time the hubby heads out on a trip (business or pleasure), I do not see him running around like a maniac making sure the laundry is done, there is food in the fridge, carpool is taken care of, the schedule is set and the entire house is in order for while he is gone.  He packs, leaves and returns.  Sounds pretty nice.  Usually when I head out of town I have spent so much time prepping the household that I end up throwing whatever I can into a suitcase, not quite sure of what I packed and always assume I forgot something.  Annoying.
Then there is the whole issue of while I am away.  Back to when the hubby travels, it is almost like he never left.  Housework has not piled up.  There is not a mountain of laundry to do.  It is almost as if he was not necessary at all to maintain normal functioning of the house (shocking, I know).  When I return, I have so little expectations that if everyone is still standing (including the house), it was a success.  I then take on the “mommy was gone so all hell broke lose around here” clean up duty.  Again, annoying.
We shall see how this trip goes but so far, the fridge is stocked, carpool has been switched, nanny is booked, the laundry is almost done and I have not even opened a suitcase.
** Disclaimer: There is a small chance I wrote this post knowing full well the hubby reads my blog and I could be pleasantly surprised come Sunday morning when I return.  

My three year old is currently going through what I would like to call the  “Terrible Three’s Bi-Polar Disorder”.  I am not sure, but this might be worse than an emotional teenage girl (I will let you know in 12 years).  One minute, he is the happiest kid on the block…

 And then suddenly…

“Angry Anakin Skywalker eyes” (yes, that is what he calls them).  The second he gets mad, these eyes come out, followed by one of the following overly dramatic phrases:

1. I don’t love you
2. I don’t like anyone in my family
3. I don’t like outside, it is not beautiful (okay, I have only heard this once but it made me laugh, I mean, how dramatic are we going to be here?)

And then, a few minutes later, he comes back with “I love you mommy!”

Yes, Bipolar.

Hearing “I don’t love you” does not break my heart as everyone said it would, it just pisses me off.  I am not sure where he heard this or came up with it but it is obviously something I don’t want him saying.  So, we continue to deal with our emotional roller coaster in hopes that he QUICKLY outgrows this stage.

As a note: Middle Man is a good kid and was such a good sport to allow me to take pictures of his faces.  When asked to show me his angry Anakin eyes, this was originally what I got…..

I have a slight obsession with oversized sunglasses.  They just work for me.  I have tried other styles but I always go back.  Because of having children, I always keep a couple pairs of child-friendly sunglasses on me, but love to have a nice pair when I know they will not be destroyed.

These are my favorite child-friendly pair.  I have about 5 pairs scattered around the house.  If they break or I lose them, I always have a backup.  LOVE that they are $5.80.

Forever 21 Sunglasses

I am currently pondering the purchase of one of these two pairs.  They are both adorable but the Chloe might take first place.
LOVE the scalloped trim on these!
But I love the color and detail on these ones too…

Dear Similac,

It is time to say goodbye.  For 6 years and three children, you have ripped me off and made them strong.  I appreciate you taking the place of breastfeeding, as we both remember, I was not a fan.  I do not appreciate, however, the smell that you left behind on my favorite shirts or the stains you left behind on some of my favorite baby outfits.  I must say that you did teach me that even though a liquid may be white, an item could be washed and years later still potentially turn yellow. 

Thank you for all the memories, specifically of the bugs that you so generously placed in my daughter’s formula last October.  I promise that it was not a big deal to throw perfectly good formula away, send back a huge box of already purchased formula and spend a crap load of money on the pre-made formula until you could get your sh#t together.  I especially appreciated whatever substance you put in the bottle that made my daughter prefer you so that when I did try to change formula, it was not possible. 

Now that my hubby says we are at the end of having children, I bid you farewell as I will no longer waste spend money on you.  I am excited for this raise that we have now received and hope to potentially keep it this way.


P.S. There is a small chance my hubby could be wrong so if that is the case, and I need to purchase you one last time, please do not hold any of this against me.

I absolutely love my trench coat.  I have had it for years and it continues to be a go-to for me.  I am always cold so even in the summer months, I always keep it near by.  This year I am motivated to brighten it up with a new trench with a bit more color.  I have been browsing the internet looking for just the right one when I came across this ASOS ’70s Belted Trench.  Perfect.  I just adore the color and the classic style of a trench coat (note: my hubby will adore the price).  Thrown over a tank, some skinnies and flats, I am good to go!  Now the only question is, can it be here by next Wednesday for my trip??

Here are some other styles of blue coats that I thought were also incredibly cute on ASOS….

ASOS Pleated Swing Trench

ASOS Hitch Hem Trench

ASOS ’60s Trench with Contrast Hem

In one week from today I am heading off to New York City for a girls weekend.  I AM VERY EXCITED (did my uppercase/underline emphasize enough how excited I am?  If not, here are the exclamation points)!!!!!  This is going to be my first time (shocking I know!) and I am convinced this is because my hubby has purposely kept me away for fear that I will drive us into bankruptcy within 72 hours.  Lucky for me, an opportunity has FINALLY come up and I am off on the red-eye, planning on waking up Thursday morning ready to over-indulge in all things shopping, eating and seeing until I am told to leave on Sunday.  Needless to say, there is so much to see and do and here are some of the suggestions I have received so far.

 Alexander McQueen’s Savage Beauty at the Met – DYING to see this and tickets are already purchased
Century 21 Department Store in Manhattan – I was told a place to over-indulge my shopping habit at amazing prices.
TriBeCa – spa day booked over here!
SoHo – apparently more great shopping!
Serendipity 3 and Dylan’s Candy Bar– who doesn’t like a frozen hot chocolate and candy? May be touristy but whatever.
5th Avenue – again with the shopping (okay, so maybe my hubby’s concern is valid…)
Too many restaurant suggestions to count – I will most likely come home 5-10 lbs. heavier

If you have any additional MUST SEE’S for me, let me know!