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Yesterday the family and I decided to head out of Orange County and go check out the Dinosaur exhibit at the Natural History Museum in Los Angeles.  I am one of those people who just adores LA and finds every reason to go up there.  This was a perfect one.  The museum is incredible, with some amazing exhibits that all three children enjoyed.  Beyond just the dinosaurs, the boys also loved the North American Mammals and the Discovery Center (though I must confess, my Oldest may have thought it was cooler to see Staples Center on the way up and the Coliseum next door).  It was nice to do something educational over break since we have spent the majority of our time playing sports, video games and eating snacks.  What?!  It is Christmas Break! Now I feel like a better parent (applying pat on the back now).
Does it look like my Oldest is choking my Middle Man?  Yes, yes it does.  
How hard is it to get a picture of all three looking okay?  Apparently exceptionally hard and I did not get one.
The return of the “Angry Anakin Eyes”, reference here.
And what was the parents favorite part?  
The wine press in the California History exhibit
What?  Did you expect anything less?
Hey wait.  I did take them to the Discovery Center to see the Star Wars exhibit too.
See, I am super educational around here.

Over the next few months, I have a TON of events coming up.   Just think bridal showers, dinners, bachelorettes, rehearsal dinners, fashion shows, tea parties, benefits.  It is going to be a crazy first half of 2012, which I am extremely excited for BUT, coming up with something to wear to all of these is going to be a challenge.  With all the Winter Sales going on right now, I thought what better time to start looking (my husband may disagree but if it saves him money, he will thank me for it later)?  Unfortunately I was not having the luck I thought I would have until I made a visit to Net-A-Porter.  Their current sale is fabulous and I was able to pick up this MASON by Michelle Mason Cutout Dress, originally $460 for $138!

As luck would have it, there was only one dress in one size left, and it was a 4.  PERFECT!  Meant to be right?  I love how the front is very simple and the back adds a little sassiness.  At least now I have a few events covered!

I would highly recommend checking out the sale here if you get the chance.  Yet another great Winter Sale with great sale prices.

AND, because I have no shame, the January issue of Orange Coast Magazine comes hits newsstands today and if you happen to turn to pages 50 and 51, you will see my smiling face, along an article on me and Juggling in Heels!  I am obviously VERY excited about this!

Yes, I match my children.  But only for holidays!  Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas to be exact.  I know it is lame and completely cheesy but I don’t care.  I actually go so far as to have the entire family coordinate.  Not in a Hanna Anderson catalog type of way, but enough that we “make sense”.
This is for no other reason than I like the way it looks in photos.  And aren’t photos the most important thing?  Also, completely off the subject, you may recognize the above sequined skirt from this post.  It was a fabulous purchase and I highly recommend it, just as an FYI to all of you after-holiday shoppers.  Anyway…
When it was only two boys, matching was an easy task.  One shirt/sweater/whatever, two sizes.  Now that Baby girl is involved, it is slightly more complicated and it usually ends up with me deciding what she is going to wear and then simply making the boys go along with her (obviously, girls outfits completely overrule boys outfits.  It is natures way).  
I know as the boys get older, they are going to be the ones to ruin this.  I think it might be hard to get two  teenagers to wear the same thing.  So, all I can do is indulge in this for as long as I can!
Here are some of our other matching outfits through the years…
Easter 2009
Thanksgiving 2010
Family Photos 2011
I am not sure if you know, but Rebecca Minkoff is having a fabulous “End of Year” sale on her website.  I of course traveled on over there to check out what was available.  In true Sarah fashion, I did not find anything in the sale that I HAD to have, but of course found an incredible NON-SALE, FULL PRICED, handbag that I am now dying over.  
Ostrich Embossed Cupid

First off, the color of this bag is amazing.  I have an infatuation with persimmon and this would just simply brighten up my drab (a.k.a mostly black and grey) winter wardrobe.  Then you look at the style and the hardware and you get all around fabulous.  I am well aware that Christmas was only yesterday and that it would be incredible selfish to already be creating a Valentine’s Day wish list (it would right?) so I am simply going to email this over to the hubby as a “Isn’t this fabulous?” message in hopes that he files it away…
If you are interested in checking out the sale, click here!  There are some incredible items but everything is selling out fast!

I will admit it.  This holiday, I have not just been “kind of” indulging but completely OVER indulging in all things yummy, sweet and TERRIBLE for you.  It is almost as if my sweet tooth knows it is Christmas time and therefore goes into overdrive.  For Christmas Eve, we decided to keep the indulgence going by creating Cone-oli’s for dessert.  The name is exactly what it is, a cannoli created in a cone.  They were incredibly easy to make and a huge hit with my family.

Please excuse the slight blurriness on some of the photos.  I was running around like a crazy lady on Christmas Eve and potentially did not give enough care to focusing as I should.  What can I say?  Hosting Christmas Eve is CRAZY!
In other EXTREMELY EXCITING NEWS, Orange Coast Magazine did a feature on me and the blog and the magazine just hit subscribers mailboxes Saturday!  Such an incredible Christmas present and still a bit surreal to see me and my little blog in a magazine.  If you are not a subscriber, look for it to hit news stands on December 29th!
Every day around 2 or 3pm, I hit a major wall.  And I mean MAJOR.  I need a jump start but there is really not an easy solution.  I cannot have coffee that late in the day or I won’t be able to sleep and I am just not a soda drinker so that is out of the question. 
At the SPACE.NK event I was introduced to Energy Bubbles by David Kirsch, an alternative to caffeine for that afternoon pick-me-up.  Each packet consists of yerba mate, taurine, ginseng, potassium, and B vitamins and you simple mix with a 16 oz. bottle of water.  I was a little skeptical when I first tried it but could not believe how well it worked.  It felt like I had just had a big cup of coffee but did not give me the after effects of caffeine and did not keep me up all night.  Exactly what I needed.  I now keep a packet on hand at all times for that afternoon slump.  They are a definite must for anyone who needs a pick-me-up at the end of the day (isn’t that all of us??). 

My boys are picky eaters.  Actually, picky is an understatement.  It is more of a “I would rather walk over hot coals than eat what is in front of me” eater.  It is insane. They have even tried the, “I took a bite and it made me gag so bad that I almost threw up” act numerous times (this sometimes involves actually gagging, coughing and throwing up at its most dramatic).  As if forcing themselves to throw up is going to soften me and allow them to have something else.  Granted, it is a good attempt, but apparently they do not know their equally stubborn mother very well.

There was always a slight dislike for certain foods but over the past few months it has gotten much worse.  The other night topped it off when  I ordered a cheese pizza from the new place in town.  They looked at the box, stated that it was not from the normal place we order, and therefore, they do not like it.  Same white cheese, same red sauce, same brown crust, but no, they don’t like it.  Are you kidding me?  IT IS CHEESE PIZZA!  What child does not want to eat cheese pizza?  I think that is what gets me the most.  I cannot believe they turn down things that I thought every child loved to consume (i.e. french fries).  It just seems crazy.

Through all of this selective eating,  I continue to stand my ground, usually resulting in them not eating much at dinner (if at all) and getting nothing the rest of the night.  I feel a little bad about this but I am not going to let them think they can refuse something and get something else in its place.  If I say this is for dinner, then it is for dinner.  End of story.  I can only hope this phase ends soon and I can actually make ONE normal meal for dinner without hear the most frustrating words in the world, “I don’t like ____ (add any of the 99% of foods)”. 

Anyone else have picky eater in their home?  Does it drive you crazy too?

I was just perusing Piperlime while finishing up some last minute Christmas shopping (for others, obviously) when I came across these pants (okay, so perhaps I took a break from others but I was only looking).  I LOVE.  The wide leg.  The polka dots.  The navy blue.  Love it all.  They are absolutely adorable and, if I had no self control, I would have ordered them already.  Is there anything by E&J that I don’t like?  I don’t think so.

Elizabeth and James Pin Dot Evelyn Trouser