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Yesterday I did something that I have not done in a LOOOONG time.

I put on a swimsuit, cap and googles and went swimming.

Not “playing around in the water” swimming, but actual swim training.

It has been years since I had been in the pool.   I first began swimming competitively when I was 7 years old.  I was in love with it from the day I started and spent the next 11 years trying to be the best that I could.  5am practice?  No problem (well, for me.  My parents was probably another story).  Two practices a day?  No problem.  I walked around smelling like chlorine and did not mind.  Swimming was mine and I wanted to be number 1.

When I got back in the water yesterday, it felt amazing.  I was actually smiling underwater for the first couple laps.  All the memories of how much I enjoyed swimming rushed back and I could not believe it has taken me this long to get back into the water.

Since swimming gives you a lot of time to think as you go back and forth, my children and their love for sports came to mind.  Do they have this passion that I did?  Is it this fun for them too?

We spend A LOT of time on the sports field.  And for the amount of time we spend watching ESPN, I know they love sports.  But I hate to say this, I do not see smiles running around on their face when it is time to compete.  I see stress, anxiety and the need to win.  In fact, their performance is never what I hear about at the end of the game.  It is if they won or loss.  Have I created this?  Sometimes I think I have.  Actually, I know I have.  Not intentionally of course.  I just think that perhaps we take everything a little too seriously compared to how my parents did.

Do not get me wrong.  My father got kicked off soccer fields.  We were an intense family.  But my dad never made me feel that winning was everything and that failure was possible.  I absolutely loss races.  But all a loss meant is that I wanted to work harder.  I NEVER heard from my dad how I could have performed better.  I never realized that until now.  I want them to be the best they can be because they want to, not because I have made them feel like they need to.  Winning should be an accomplishment, not an expectation.

I do not know if we are doing things right or wrong.  Parenting is hard isn’t it.  I figure as long as we try our best, we will be okay, but I do know that when my children are parents, I want them to feel the same way about their old passions that I did yesterday and smile.

Not literally!  I could never do it!  No, I am talking about clothes.

I know that I have mentioned numerous times that leather is one of my favorite trends this Fall (have you seen my board on pinterest?) but I have really held back on pulling the trigger on anything.  This is mostly because when it comes to high priced items, I leave them for my hubby to purchase.  That way, I do not feel guilty about buying it and he basks in the triumph of getting me something I LOVE.  

One item that I have been keeping my eye on though is this Tinley Road Vegan Leather Pencil Skirt.  

Not only it is not real leather (which won’t piss off my animal-loving friends) but you cannot beat the $79 price tag.  Add a few Gap rewards to the final price and you can just call me “Budget Babe” (this is a name my hubby has NEVER called me).

Rachel Bilson also agrees with me, as she selected this as one of her picks for Fall.  See, great brunette’s think alike.

This it is.  Today marks the first day of school and no more summer.  I cannot believe it.  In past year’s, I have been SO EXCITED for school to start again.  Sounds terrible but after three month’s, I have usually had enough of trying to entertain everyone.  This year it is totally different.  I REALLY wish we had another couple weeks left of sleeping in, going swimming, staying up late and throwing all schedules out the window.

Today is the start of early mornings, running around, homework, practices, games on Saturdays and I do not think the children and I are ready for it.  Thank goodness it is half day all week.  We are all going to need some time to get used to this.

Farewell summer!  Until next year!  

Did you notice how much better we are getting at putting ourselves in the photos?  Next step is figuring out how to get a picture of all 5 of us together!

Another day, another wall to decorate.  

I continue to be on the hunt for prints, photos and art to fill our walls.  Why prints and not pictures of us?  Because as much as I love hanging photos of the family, I also love having items that represents us, the places we have been or simple memories.  And did I mention I like quirky and random?  

Thanks to Etsy (again, remember these prints for my kitchen?) and AllPosters, I have been able to find some unique prints that not only represent us, but are also something you won’t see everywhere.  Also, the prices are WAY BETTER than finding something less cool at a local retailer.  

Here are a few recent purchases that I cannot wait to matte, frame and get up on our walls.

This was purchased by Loose Petals, also on Etsy.
My husband is from the Bay Area and San Francisco has become a home away from home for us.  We spend the week between Christmas and New Years in the City each year and we love sharing it with our children.  It was a must that we put a little San Francisco in our home.
This was purchased from KeyStudio on Etsy.
When I saw this photo it instantly took me back to a night in Hollywood with the Hubby and our dear friends which ended up being one of the best nights ever.   All the places we went could be identified in this photo, starting with the Hollywood Bowl right in front.  As soon as I saw this I knew I had to have it.
I ordered this Harper’s Bazaar vintage print from All Posters
If you know me then you know that my favorite fashion magazine is Harper’s Bazaar.
Plus, this is from my birthday month AND the red coordinates perfect with my red statement wall I just painted in our family room (more on that later).  This will bring some color on an opposite wall perfectly and is a great contrast to all the black and white family photos currently up.

First and foremost, I want to thank everyone who voted and helped me make the list of the “Top 25 So Cal Mom Blogs” for the second year in a row. It means a ton that I have such supportive readers. Thank you!

Today is our last day of vacation before we return home tomorrow. It is always sad to see vacations come to an end isn’t it? It has been an amazing week though and the family time was just what we needed. Chaos returns on Sunday so I plan on soaking every last bit out of the next 24 hours.

We need to all go get ready for our last rides on the water slide so I am off but I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

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Without fail, no matter how often I think I plug in my iPhone, it always seems to run out of batteries.  Between using it for the gym, texting, chatting on the phone, letting the kids play with it and responding to emails, there is never enough power to go around.  It usually ends with me running to plug it in, with hopes that it charges as quickly as possible so I can return to using it.

Apparently numerous people have this problem because Simultalk has developed a solar iPhone case which allows you to double your battery life by charging your phone anywhere that there is sunlight.  This would not only come in handy in my life of always running around but also in the case of an emergency and power outages (hey, what can I say, I have anxiety and live in Southern California where rolling blackouts and earthquakes are a reality).

This product normally runs $79 but thanks to Deal Blade, you can pick this item up from now until August 31st for only $47.  Being that this is roughly the normal price of many standard iPhone cases with no charging capabilities, it really is a great deal.  

Even better, you do not have to be in Orange County to purchase this.  Simply visit Deal Blade by clicking here and you will see it on the right as a side deal.

As you may recall from previous posts, Deal Blade donates a portion of all sales to different charities.  Normally, each deal is associated with a specific charity but what I love about this deal is that you get to choose the charity it goes to.  Even better!

If you have not signed up for Deal Blade yet, click here to get started!

Every time our family goes on a vacation, I tend to set low expectations.  Please don’t take this the wrong way.  Do I set expectations low?  Absolutely.  Do I think we are going to still have an incredible time?  Definitely.

I have just found that through almost 8 years of having children and traveling with them, something always comes up.  Gone are the days of perfectly planned vacations.  My mindset has developed into, “I have no expectations, no matter what happens, it is going to be great, and whatever happens will happen”.

This trip has been no exception.  On our first day here I posted this picture on Instagram, kicking off the week that was going to be spent by the pool and relaxing.

Eleven hours after taking this photo it was 5:30am, I was covered in throw up and I was turning on the shower.  Poor Baby Girl had come down with the flu and beginning at 4am she could not sleep.  Too much liquid got to her and it was a massive explosion in the bed, 99% on me.  This led to the two of us spending the day inside coloring, watching movies and resting while the boys hit the pool.

Was I planning on someone getting sick?  Nope.  Was I planning on spending the first day of vacation inside all day?  Nope.  Did I expect to do three loads of laundry?  Nope.  But you know what?  It was still a great day.  Baby Girl and I enjoyed our time just hanging out together and while she napped I was able to read the September issue of Elle from front to back over a three hour period.  Something that I have not done in AGES.  Sure I would have hoped that she felt well and that we could have spent the day as a family but that is okay.  No expectations remember?

Baby Girl went to bed feeling a little better last night and I am hoping this means she wakes up this morning on the mend.  I am also crossing my fingers no one else gets sick.  Perhaps our vacation will get back on the “traditional” track today but if not, that is okay too.

Traveling with children can be tricky, exhausting and not always according to the plans but there is still nothing better than getting away with the family.  Wouldn’t you agree?

I am going to take tomorrow off from posting but I will be back later in the week to announce who won the It’s Just Darlin Mason Jar Glasses giveaway.  Also, the voting for the “Top 25 So Cal Mom Blogs” closes on August 22nd so if you have a chance to vote today and tomorrow, I would really appreciate it!

Palm Springs 2011

A summer is not truly a summer without us spending a week in the desert.  I have been going since I was a little girl and now our family is beginning the same tradition.  Is it hot?  Yes, extremely, but I actually enjoy the heat.  We spend our days by the pool with a fruity cocktail (or smoothie for the kids) in hand and the evenings grilling and taking it easy.  There is nothing to think about.  Nothing to worry about.  Just relaxing.  

Tomorrow we head off for Palm Desert so next week things are going to be a bit quite around here.  You will hear from me but not every day.  I am taking in this last week of summer the best I can before we head back to school and the chaos of reality.

Remember that today is the LAST day to enter It’s Just Darlin Mason Jar Glasses giveaway (winner to be announced next week!) and voting for the Top 25 So Cal Mom Blogs ends on the 22nd.  Don’t forget to enter and I really do appreciate all the votes you have continued to give!

Have a fabulous weekend and I will “see” you next week!