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Since beginning my triathlon training, I have become a garbage disposal.  It seems like there is never enough food and I will confess, I am not very nice when I am hungry.  In order to keep up with my appetite AND eat healthy options, I have been perusing the internet for some new, easy recipes.  At the top of my list was this Greek Quinoa Salad by With Style and Grace.  It not only looked delish but I loved the fact that there would most likely be leftovers and provide me with a potential snack the next day.  

The only thing I did different was to add a can of garbanzo beans because I wanted to add protein and make this for our dinner.  I made it earlier in the afternoon which was fabulous because it was ready to go and we were able to focus on the important task of pumpkin carving after dinner instead of doing dishes.  If you would like, add a glass of Pinot Grigio.  It made it even better.  Plus, I was right.  There was a TON left over.  Perfect.

I could have absolutely taken more photos of this recipe but I was glued to CNN all afternoon with Sandy watch and could not pull myself away long enough.  My thoughts and prayers are with everyone on the East Coast.  

As promised from this post, I have some photos from the CHOC Children’s Glass Slipper Guild Firefighter Fashion Show that was back on September 15, 2012.  Yes, it has taken more a while to get these up but you can blame the post office and a VERY crazy schedule over here.  Better late than never right?

I did attend the Fashion Show and also took along Baby Girl, my little sister and her best friend and we had such a great time.  The show was hosted by Bloomingdale’s South Coast Plaza and held in AnQi Bistro, who did a phenomenal job of creating a very swanky vibe to the show.  The Firefighters did a great job of stepping outside of their comfort zone but it truly was the children of CHOC who not only stole the show but everyone’s hearts as they walked the runway.  The event was a huge success and kicked off an extremely successful weekend of shopping with 10% of purchases at both the South Coast Plaza and Fashion Island stores going back to CHOC Children’s Hospital, on top of Bloomingdale’s $3,000 donation given at the end of the show.

Congratulations to the CHOC Glass Slipper Guild, the Costa Mesa Fire Department, AnQi and Bloomingdale’s for raising money for such an incredible cause and thank you for letting me be a part of it!

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* All photos courtesy of Juggling in Heels and Bloomingdale’s

11 years.

It is crazy.

A few observations.

1. We look like babies
2. My hair is way too high.. and yes, I chose to put those white things in there
3. Please note that I am wearing gloves
4. This is when I still had boobs
5. Men have it so easy on wedding days

It is amazing how much our life has changed since October 27, 2001.
I have loved our story so far and I cannot wait to keep writing it.

Happy Anniversary (tomorrow) Hubby!

I have been on the hunt for a black boot that is short and flat for what seems like forever.  So far, these two are my favorites.  Is it too early to create my Christmas list?  I would think so but since Target is now filled with Christmas trees, perhaps it is okay.  

Isabel Marant Jenny Slouchy Leather Boots

Jimmy Choo Youth Metallic Leather Boot

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Look at Baby Girl.  I mention that I am going to start posting outfit photos of myself by taking them on Instagram and she has to one up me by bribing a photographer (not really, it’s me) with that cute smile to take photos of her in a gorgeous Matilda Jane dress for this post.  Typical.  But back to the reason for this post…

I was recently introduced to Matilda Jane (I know, where have I been right?) and instantly fell in love.  I think their phrase “an unexpected clothing company” says it all.  Each piece holds such a feminine and unique touch that is incredible hard to find in little girl’s clothing.  And oh the patterns and prints!  It is like finding an Anthropologie for little girls.

Here is the fabulous news about all this.  My local Trunk Keeper, Maura is offering not one but TWO ways to win with Matilda Jane. 

The first is a giveaway hosted here and is a $50 gift certificate to purchase whatever you would like directly from Maura.  Free money; no brainer.  All you need to do is visit the Matilda Jane website and leave a comment below stating which item is your favorite.  That is it!  This giveaway will run from Wednesday, October 24th through Tuesday, October 30th at midnight. 

Now for the second opportunity.  On Thursday, October 25th, Matilda Jane with be launching the following promotion.

 This promotion will run from October 25th through October 28th.  During this time, if you make a $150 purchase, you will not only receive this cute apron, but if you order from Maura, she will be entering you into a raffle for a $100 gift certificate.  Perhaps order for Thanksgiving attire and get the Christmas attire for free?  All you need to do to be entered into this raffle is place your order with Maura by clicking here, no later than October 28th!

You can also host private trunk shows with your friends through Maura.  If you are interested click here to get started. 

There you have it.  
Good Luck and Happy Shopping!

* Baby Girl is wearing the Broadway dress and Cinnamon Tee.  Juggling in Heels was provided this outfit from Maura Dwyer but all opinions are 100% my own.  The winner of the $50 gift certificate will be selected and announced by Juggling in Heels but the $100 gift certificate will be selected by Maura Dwyer and the winner will not be announced here but will be contacted by Maura once they have been selected.  U.S. Residents only.

Last week I was invited into the PLANKS USA showroom to preview their collections and custom furniture orders.  PLANKS USA uses refurbished wood, steel and industrial products to create vintage, retro and trendy style interiors for restaurants, retail shops, hotels and homes.  Since I am constantly on the look out for great pieces for our new home and this style is right up my alley, I jumped at the chance to take a visit, even if it meant bringing Baby Girl along for the ride.  Thank goodness they had candy.

As soon as I walked into the showroom I knew exactly where my next piece of furniture was coming from.  It is like they went into my head and began pulling ideas prior to me even showing up.  The pieces were not only incredibly unique but gorgeous and would fit into a home with both modern and traditional pieces (a.k.a mine) perfectly.  

Some of my favorites were the oversized dining rooms tables, the cow hide stools, and the metal and wood coffee tables, just to name a few.  If I happened to own a restaurant or bar, I would want it to look just like their recent project, The Fat Cow at the Grove in LA.  It is pretty incredible.  As I was shown around the showroom I also learned about the company, how it came about and their desire to use only recycled materials.  It is a pretty great story but I will let you read it for yourself here.  I also asked them to send me some of photos of my favorite pieces so I could share with you just a small piece of what they create.  

 PLANKS USA is located in Lake Forest, Ca. and you can either shop from their website here or stop in their showroom to discuss creating a custom piece for your home.  If you are at all curious as to how the process of creating a custom furniture piece with them would go, the generous individuals at PLANKS USA have offered to create me a custom coffee table for our family room so I will be sharing the entire step by step process with you soon!  Keep an eye out!

Last night I kicked off the weekend indulging in macaroons, champagne and clothes at the Joie boutique in Fashion Island.

The Dry Bar was also there and my hair received some “beachy waves”

Then I went home to eat a grilled cheese with a glass of Caymus.

The entire night made me happy.

This is going to be a great weekend.

I can just feel it.
I have anxiety.  We all know this.

Well, that is not true.  If you are new to visiting you haven’t been lucky enough to read about my anxiety but you can catch up quickly here and here.

But back to my anxiety.

Here is word for word what I said to my hubby prior to leaving for my business trip to Las Vegas last week.

“My biggest fear traveling alone is someone trying to break into my hotel room.”

This is extremely typical of me (I am a worst case scenario type of person) so my hubby responds with “Babe, that is not going to happen”.

Fast forward to Thursday morning at 4am when I am woken from deep sleep with someone trying to open my hotel room door.  I , LEAP, JUMP  FLEW out of bed and ran to the peephole to find one man trying to get into my room with a hotel key with another one standing next to him.
Here is our conversation…
ME: “Excuse me, this is not your room”
HIM: “Yes it is”
ME: “Um no, it isn’t”
He continues to try to use the key
HIM: I am not Sir, I am ___ and this is my room

Obviously this man was drunk and was completely avoiding the fact that my voice was coming from inside the room so I ran to my phone and called hotel security.  

I have to give it to Vegas for having amazing security because three people were surrounding him (other guy had apparently gone to his own room) within 2 minutes (if that) asking him questions, checking his ID and the room card he was using.  Apparently this guy was too drunk, was actually three rooms down and they escorted him to his room while I was moved to a completely different room on a completely different floor.

Nothing like roaming a Vegas hotel in your pajamas with a suitcase at 5am.

Might I note that this is all after having a panic attack on the plane for the first time ever and trying to maintain a “I am a successful, confident business woman” while I was FREAKING OUT on the inside.

Moral of the story?

My anxiety is alive and well and thanks to the A-hole trying to get into my room, it had peaked for a few days following.

It is okay though because it taught me two things.  One, I learned that when something I am extremely scared of happening actually does, I handle it like I should and do not completely freak out.  Therefore, I should not be so scared.  And two, my anxiety is going to peak at moments (like on the plane) that I cannot explain or control but I can make it through it.

Win win for me, right?

There you have it.
Crazy story right?