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A while back in this post, I mentioned that each month I was going to work with my little one’s to give back to their community.  For January they each adopted a child and so for February, I thought a food drive would be fun.  Numerous friends commented on my previous post about also wanting to get involved so instead of my three simply purchasing some food to donate, I made it fun and invited over a bunch of friends to participate as well.  Twenty two boys and girls filled the house for pizza, cookies and wine for the moms to have a little party on a Tuesday night and give back to those less fortunate.  Some of the children bought the food with their own allowance while others went through their pantry to see what they could share.  We had such a great time and the kids really did a fabulous job of filling up my dining room table with a TON of canned and non-perishable food.  It was such an easy way to show children that even though they are young, they can still make a big impact when they work together.

 We all had so much fun and I am looking forward to putting together something else for March!

Thank you to all the friends that participated! 
I am always going to be biased when my name is involved.  

Club Monaco has launched the “Sarah Crop” pant and I think they are a definite for my Spring wardrobe.

My favorite is the ‘Sarah Tuxedo’ Crop but there some cute prints as well.

I am only hoping that the white with black tuxedo stripe is still available after Easter. 
Yep, that’s right.  
I gave up shopping for Lent.
Sadly, it has been much harder than I thought, especially with all the Spring lines hitting stores.
And of course I torture myself looking online to share with you all that is fabulous.
I figured if I cannot shop I can at least help you with your Spring shopping.
Only 33 days to go (but who is counting?????)
Monday after the Oscars.

The day that we all begin critiquing how everyone looked even though we would wear the worst dress imaginable if it meant that we ourselves could actually be there.

Case in point, Anne Hathaway.

This dress just made me sad.  She is so beautiful and has incredible taste that I was actually shocked to see her choice.  I am no stylist but perhaps the Valentino that she was originally scheduled to wear would have been a better option than the pointy boob Prada.  But yes, I would have still worn it if I could be at the Oscars.  We all would.  

Though I was not a fan of Anne’s, there were so many “Best Dressed” ladies, Jennifer Lawrence in Dior Haute Couture being my number one.  She has killed it this awards season with all her choices and this was such an incredible way to finish it off.  My second was Jennifer Chastain in Giorgio Armani who looked like a red headed Barbie Doll and redeemed herself from the Golden Globes.  And finally, Naomi Watts, also in Giorgio Armani, took my number 3 spot.  She is so beautiful and I love that she is willing to take a little bit of a risk and can pull it off.


In much more exciting news, I spent my glamourous weekend dealing with the missing pacifier, Little League Opening Day, a dinner party with friends, a Middle Man diagnosed with pink eye AND because we like to make it interesting, potty training Baby Girl.  This far outweighs getting primped and ready for the Oscars, walking a red carpet or sipping Champagne at the Governor’s Ball. 

Take that Hollywood.

P.S. This was my favorite part of the show.   

I recently developed an addiction to granola and yogurt.  It is such an easy breakfast or snack.  I have heard about making your own but never really attempted it until yesterday.  I found this recipe and loved the abundance of nuts and coconut in it so decided to give it a try.  It was not only easy to make but SO GOOD too.  I cannot believe I wait this long but I can promise you, I will no longer be buying granola.  That would just be silly now.

See this photo?  
This was a sweet moment taken by the hubby while we were in Santa Ynez.
I love this photo and keep looking at it to remind myself of that sweet little girl that has since turned into a monster.

That’s right.
A monster.

After our trip we decided that at almost three, Baby Girl should no longer be using a pacifier.  It was time…….FINALLY.  But we are paying for waiting so long.

We should have known better.  With the boys, the day their turned 2 was the day we took the pacifier away.  Sure they had a rough night but after that, it was over.  I am not sure if it is because she is our only girl, the youngest, or we know that this is our last but Baby Girl turned 2 and we let her keep it.  Each month we would say “this is the last month!” but then would never do anything.  I am amazed at the difference a few months makes.  For the two year olds who were slightly attached, it was sad.  To an almost three year old, it has been devastating.  

My sweet Baby Girl from only a few days ago is now throwing tantrums, not going to sleep easily and continues to ask for her pacifier.  Getting a “no” makes it even worse and I think we are both getting on each other’s nerves.  The plus in all of this is that she is at least not waking up at night, but the easy bedtime routine has taken a sudden shift.  I had no idea how much she liked her pacifier.

I know that in a few days all will return to normal and she will have moved passed her need for the pacifier, but for now, I am not happy with myself that I let it go this long.  You would think that by Baby #3 I would know better and keep to what works but I let the convenience of the pacifier overrule and believe me, LESSON LEARNED.  

For that, it is deep breathes.  More deep breathes.  And more deep breathes. 

Next stop?  Potty Training!
This is going to be an awesome few months. 

Thank you S.N. for the suggestion of the “Paci Fairy”! 
Baby Girl loves her new Cinderella doll but keeps telling me the fairy is bringing her pacifier back and she doesn’t want someone else to have it.
STUBBORN little one here!
I will let you know if it works!

Now that both New York and London Fashion Week’s have come to an end, I thought I would share some of my favorite looks.  Even though I am ready for some warm weather and Spring clothes, I could not help but get excited for the rich prints, colors and the return of black and white.

Rebecca Minkoff, Calvin Klein Collection, Issa
Tibi, Victoria Beckham, Temperley London
Oscar de la Renta (might be my favorite of all), Tom Ford, Marchesa
Burberry Prorsum, Kate Spade New York, Carolina Herrera  

Any personal favorites?

all photos via

This past weekend we went back to Santa Ynez for a dear friend’s 35th birthday.  The entire weekend was a surprise and it brought together some of my favorite people that I do not have the luxury of seeing all the time.  In fact, it is embarrassing how long it has been.  Everyone brought their children and it not only allowed us to catch up but provided an opportunity for our children to become friends as well.  And who doesn’t love when the husbands are friends?! It was an amazing reminder.

A reminder that these college friends are so important to me.  A reminder that they know more about me than a lot of people.  A reminder that even though our worlds get chaotic and crazy, it is important to make plans every now and then and allow ourselves to catch up with each other.

I have been blessed to have some pretty amazing friends from high school and college.  The unfortunate part is that not all of them live in Orange County and it takes a lot of planning to get to see each other.  We are all busy with our children, jobs, and simply, life.  Weddings made it pretty easy but now that most of us have tied the knot, it takes some additional effort.  

As I get older I am really starting to appreciate that my high school and college friends knew me prior to being “wife” and “mommy”.  They know my life now but they also know where I came from.  They have see me at the very top and have also seen me hit the ground.  And they have been there to laugh and cry with me through everything.  It makes my heart happy when I get to see these people and also reminds me that perhaps the things I get stressed about are not worth the time and in the end, family and friends are all that really matters. 

Thank you M for planning such an amazing weekend for E.  Thank you also for including us and giving us all this opportunity to spend some time together.  It was amazing weekend and we cannot wait to come back.

And in other news, the hubby and I have fallen in love with the Santa Ynez Valley and are trying to figure out how we could possibly relocate.  To say we are obsessed is an understatement.  Who knows, perhaps this blog could one day be renamed “Juggling in Wine Country”.

Now that the weather around here is starting to lighten up a bit, I have been happy to start pulling out printed dresses that have been hibernating in my closet and getting into the Spring spirit.  Of course they still require boots or leggings, but it is a start!

Dress: Kain via Luxury Garage Sale, Booties: DV by Dolce Vita (similar (on sale!), Clutch: Club Monaco, Accessories: Stella & Dot
Dress: Anthropologie, Jacket: MARC by Marc Jacobs, Boots: Via Spiga, Cuff: c/o Olivia Welles

And, just in case you are interested in picking up a little something for yourself this Valentine’s Day, Olivia Welles jewelry is on Ideeli today until the 16th!  This cuff is only one of the many fabulous pieces they have.  Shop the collection here.

Happy Valentine’s Day!