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Because the gingham just makes the look, doesn’t it?

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< gingham shirt (sale!) / denim / denim jacketsneakers / crossbody >

I was able to pick this gingham top up at Anthropologie on sale, making it only $35. Anthropologie is currently offering an additional 30% off on all their sale items, providing some huge savings on items that will transition extremely well for Fall. Here are some of my favorite items still available. Just make sure to use code XTRAXTRA when you check out!

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< Anthropologie Dress / Nike Sneakers / L.L. Bean Tote >

Keeping perspective. This is something that I have been struggling with lately. We have now been in school a little over a month and I will be honest, it has been hard trying to keep my head on straight. Jumping back into major chaos after having a mellow summer has been a little daunting and exhausting to say the least. I am finding that I am dropping balls left and right and trying to “juggle” everything while still maintaining some sanity. At times I begin to feel overwhelmed between trying to run a blog, attending events and meetings, being a VP of a Board, volunteering at an upcoming event and most importantly, making sure the kids have everything they need and are getting to all the places they need to go. One thing I have been terrible at this Fall is keeping perspective. Perspective that life is really good and that all of these things are really great things and I need to take a deep breathe and “let it go”. Everything will work out. There is nothing to worry about. In these moments, family time is what I crave.

Saturday night we stepped outside of our schedules and all went to dinner in Laguna Beach. It was a beautiful evening that involved moments on the beach, dinner at Driftwood Kitchen and ice cream waffle cones while walking around for dessert. It was exactly what I needed to remember what is really important. These 4 people are it and everything else is just “stuff”. Sometimes we get so caught up in our schedules and we need a little reminder. I feel that these moments are the ones where God is pocking me on the shoulder and saying “stop, look, all is perfect”.

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I love this sweater dress that I am wearing because it is not as thick as some sweater dresses can be. It may have still been a little too much for a 95 degree day but once it cools just a bit, it is going to be perfect for our Orange County Fall. Here are some other sweater dresses I am really loving right now…

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This photo is the story of my life.  Three bags on my shoulders for all our after school sports, water bottle in hand for one of the kids, hat on my hair because I haven’t washed it and car keys because all I do is drive.  #momlife

Friday means a lot of things.  First and foremost, it is a celebration of making it through the week without dropping the ball on anything.  Well, anything major.  Of course there is sometimes a load of laundry forgotten in the washing machine, someone didn’t bring their lunch to school and perhaps I planned to cook dinner but we got take out instead.  Such is life.  This weekend we do not have a ton going on so we are going out with the kids for a Date Night.  That’s right.  Date Night with the kids.  With them a little older, we are starting to have a lot of fun venturing out to some of our favorite restaurants with the kids in tow.  I am loving these nights with the family and it gives us an opportunity to simply spend time together for dinner.  With so many practices at night during the week, we are not always able to sit down and each dinner as a family and I think this is one of the most important things a family can do together.  So, we make up for it on the weekends.  We are planning on going here this weekend.

Fall has officially started but we are a bit delayed in Orange County.  I am patiently waiting for the day I can wear this flannel tunic (under $20!) with these leggings and these boots.

My favorite blanket scarf from last year is back in stock and I highly suggest picking it up now because last year it sold out within days and was never re-stocked.

Over the Knee Boots are in and I am loving these Cognac ones.  The price is right too.

Just in case you missed it, I started a monthly series of my favorite beauty finds and you can see my September finds here.

I know we don’t want to think about it now but Holiday parties are right around the corner and DVF has their Friends and Family event going on right now, giving you 25% off with code FRIENDS25.  Such a perfect time to pick up those holiday dresses!  I like this one, this one and this one.  I own a number of DVF dresses but this one is one of my favorites and has been worn numerous times.  That is what I love about DVF.  Her pieces are timeless and can be pulled out for so many different occasions.

LOVE this blanket cape.

I stopped into Anthropologie today after lunch and am so happy I did.  They are offering 30% off all their sale with code XTRAXTRA.  I picked up this shirt for $35.  Score.  I also picked up this dress that was not on sale but under $100.  I REALLY wanted to get this poncho but it is entirely too hard to buy something so heavy when it is 95 degrees outside.  I just couldn’t do it.

This denim skirt is only $50 and so on trend right now.  Perfect with tall boots this Fall.

Happy Weekend

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I know I say this a lot but I will say it again. The number one reason I love writing this blog is all the women it allows me to meet that I would otherwise never know if not for Juggling in Heels. Whether they are designers, business owners, other bloggers, etc, it has been such a blessing to meet so many incredible women that are really doing spectacular things. One person that I met through the lovely world of Instagram was Morgan from You may remember when we did a Pop Up Shop at my home with her back in June.  From the moment I met Morgan, I knew I was going to love her.  Since that Pop Up shop, I have gotten to know Morgan even more and she is one of my most favorite people in this crazy internet world I sometimes live in.  She has put so much effort into her fabulous online shop and I love seeing the success she is receiving from all the hard work.  That brings us to today.  Buru turns 2!  Morgan has put a lot of blood and sweat (and I am sure a tear here or there) in making ShopBuru a premier online boutique for all pregnant, nursing and post pregnancy moms and it is exciting to see her reach the two year mark.  Running a boutique is no small feat, especially an online one and Morgan continues to curate a selection that has helped her create a list of very committed customers (me included!) who know that everything she carries will be of the utmost quality, functionality while still maintaining on trend style.  It is no surprise that it seems most of my Instagram photos now have at least one piece from her boutique in them!

To celebrate ShopBuru’s big day, Morgan is offering 24% off  the entire site from September 24th through September 27th with code BURUIS2.   I have pulled some of my favorites on the site (including the items I am wearing in the above photo) here to help you get started but I highly suggest spending some time “in” the boutique as there is so much to see.  You can visit by clicking here.

Happy Birthday Buru and Congratulations Morgan!

As I mentioned in this post, I have really started taking a deeper look into skincare and how I can help “preserve” this face of mine.  I am not getting any younger!  Each month I plan on sharing products that I have started to use that I really love in hopes that you find some inspiration or recommendations that can help with your skincare routine.  This doesn’t mean that I will only have one beauty post a month, it just means that I am going to group together some of my favorites from the month to make shopping easy.

This month, I have been dealing with humidity and dryness.  Yes, it seems there is either too much moisture or it is way too dry.  I never agreed to live in Florida or Arizona but it seems California has taken on an entirely new climate that I have just not been a fan of and my skincare has needed some help thanks to it.  These products have definitely come in handy over the last few weeks.

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Beauty Blender
Apply makeup can be tricky. I normally use a brush but every now and then I will simply use my fingers. The problem with both is getting a perfect application that is providing coverage but not looking too heavy. Especially with the humidity. Too much on can quickly look TERRIBLE on your skin and your face can seem as if it is melting off. Not only does this sponge provide streak free coverage but what I really love about it is that the makeup sits on TOP of the sponge and doesn’t get absorbed. That means you do not apply too much AND it doesn’t waste a lot of product. This is what I love about using my fingers but it never looks as seamless as using a brush or sponge. This solves that problem. This product can also be washed and used over and over again.

Bliss Body Butter
My skin has felt so dry lately and I was fortunate enough to have a friend give me this body butter for my birthday. It is the perfect balance between providing more moisture than a traditional lotion but not feeling too thick of greasy like some lotions do. This body butter comes in a number of different scents but right now I am using the Grapefruit + Aloe.

Radical Skincare Instant Revitalizing Mask
I am discovering that with age, comes dryness…especially living in a dry climate. When it isn’t humid outside it has been extremely dry. Add to this my lack of water (I am terrible about drinking what I should!) and my love for coffee and wine and there are definitely days I can tell my skin is looking WAY TOO dry. This oxygen mask instantly provides moisture, vitamins and and energy to your skin, helping you to look instantly refreshed. It is an easy mask to apply, that simply foams up and in minutes is wiped away. I love using it prior to a night out to help condition my skin and allow my makeup to look much better.

Beauty Counter Lip Sheer
Okay, I will be honest. I haven’t used this one yet, but after reading the reviews, I placed an order for it. I love a dark lip (hence my obsession with red lipstick) but on a day to day, I don’t want to always show up at the school with bright red lips. I need a good nude lipstick and this one comes with a “bestseller” tag on it. Beauty Counter is known for putting your health first, using only all natural ingredients that make them actually safe for you while also providing all the same benefits. Based on reviews this lip sheer provides conditioning and moisturizing benefits while delivering a beautiful sheer color. I am excited to try it out. I have been testing a lot of other Beauty Counter products so keep an eye out for more reviews.

One word. LIFESAVER. With this humidity, my skin has become so shiny so quickly after applying my makeup. It has bothered me so much (no one likes shiny photos!) and I have been carrying around my powder and brush for touch ups. This is basically a re-usable blotting sponge. So simple. Instead of carrying around your blotting papers, this little case holds two sponges that can be used and then washed, to be used again. They are such a quick way to combat shine and I keep it with me at all times. This little compact is made by Beauty Blender and I am such a fan of both.

One other item that I recently started using thanks to another birthday gift is the NuSkin NaPCA Moisture Mist. Just a little spray on the face throughout the day gives your skin that much needed moisture on a dry day and will help keep your makeup looking good. I have only been using this one for a few days but so far, so good!



It has been a long time since I could say the hubby and I attended a number of weddings in one year. It just hasn’t happened that often lately. There was that crazy rush between late 20’s and early 30’s that flooded our Springs and Summers with weddings. Then suddenly, nothing. Sure there was one here or there but maybe one a year. Then this year arrived and we found ourselves RSVPing to three weddings within a three month period. For my younger sister, that seems like nothing. I think she attended a wedding every month of the Summer (no joke). For us though, this was a lot and it was awesome. I absolutely love weddings. Perhaps it is my old days of coordinating them but there is just something about a wedding that puts a smile across my face and without fail, I will always cry. My favorite part of the entire night is when the Groom sees the Bride for the first time. Ahhhh!! His eyes say everything. There is something magical about the way he looks at his bride at that moment.

With three weddings, it actually took us to three different locations; Mexico, Carmel and Los Angeles. One was on the beach, one was in a Mission and one was on a Ranch. What made having three totally different types of weddings fun was having three totally different looks to wear. Each wedding was special in its own way and I am sad to say that our wedding tour has come to an end. That being said, I am coordinating one in October for the most fabulous couple (that’s right, I am back, but just for these guys!) so I will still get one more taste of wedding season before the year comes to an end.

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< dress: Erin Kleinberg / heels: Prada (simliar) / clutch: vintage >

< dress: Zimmermann / heels: Stuart Weitzman / clutch: vintage >

< dress: Tbags Los Angeles / sandals: DV by Dolce Vita (similar) >

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There are a few reasons I am excited about it being Friday. The obvious reason is that the weekend is here. No brainer there. The second reason is that our Back to School Nights are DONE. This is the first year that all three children are at the same school BUT, based on their grades, none of the Back to School Nights overlapped, which meant we spent three evenings over the past week and a half hanging out in their classrooms. Between those, having at least two practices a day to get the kids to, and throwing in a 37th birthday, the last week has been a whirlwind and I am excited for some down time. Or at least a chance to re-group.

It rained this past week which was such a God send.  For someone who loves the heat, I am over it.  I pulled out this sweater (now on sale!) and these jeans  (also on sale!) before the second drop fell.  The next day it was back to heat but I am crossing fingers El Nino really does come!

I came across this hat and it has been worn a ton in the last week.  I love the grey and it works with just about anything.  Added bonus is that it is only $20.

J.Crew is offering 25% off the majority of their site and there is so much Fall goodness right now. I have these mules and absolutely love them.  Right now they are on sale plus the 25% off.  I also love this plaid shirt, this boucle sweater, this vest, and this dress.

As you can see from the photo, I have pulled the overalls out yet again for another Fall.  Last year I was extremely hesitant to return to this trend as I had not worn overalls since College but I finally gave in and I am so happy I did.  I love this pair from Free People because they have a skinny fit, making them look more chic and less farmer.  This season I am thinking about picking up the black pair.

As you know my birthday was on Monday and thanks to the hubby, this backpack was added to the bag collection.  I have been eyeing it for a while and must say, it is the perfect bag for all the running around I have been doing.  If you aren’t into the fringe, I really love this structured backpack as well.

Have any of you tried Sole Society shoes?  I recently picked up these heels and do love them but I am wondering about the boots.  This pair of OTK Tall boots caught my eye and I would love any feedback you have!  I also love this fringe bag from them as well.

Right now I am really into faux fur coats and vests and there are so many good ones right now at great prices.  I love this TopShop vest (also in black) and this ASOS coat.

This weekend we have an event and I am hoping I can finally wear this Erin Kleinberg dress that I picked up a few weeks ago but due to weather, it has just been sitting in my closet.  It has just been too hot!  I love it belted with tall black heels.

Did you see my post on Military jackets?  They are a favorite Fall trend and you can see the entire post here.

Have you seen the new Derek Lam 10C x Athleta collaboration?  It is chic and sporty and I love it.  Some of my favorites are these leggings, this sweater and leather tank, which could totally be worn out for a night on the town.

Classic black is my go-to when I don’t know what to wear.  I will always have a crush on all black.


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< top / jeggings / backpack / mules (sale) >

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< dress / tote / flats (similar) >

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< hat / vest >

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< hat / dress / boots >

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< sweater (sale) / tee / denim >

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When it comes to online sales, J. Crew always offers some of the best. Right now they are offering 25% off the majority of the ENTIRE SITE, making it the perfect time to pick up those Fall items you have had your eye on. I picked up these mules the moment I saw them go on sale a few weeks ago because I loved the Cranberry color for Fall but now you can get them for even less thanks to this extra 25% off. Simply use code SHOPNOW at check out. I have pulled together more classic pieces for Fall that allow you to take advantage of this code. Make sure you shop soon though. This discount only lasts until September 20th.

When it comes to Orange County weather, coats really aren’t that necessary.  I hate to admit this as I have an obsession with coats, but it is the truth.  A perfect compromise for those who still feel as if layers are needed in the Fall is a military inspired coat.  Structured, short, oversized, long.  You can always find one in your favorite fit and they work perfectly over dresses and denim, giving you some edge to your Fall wardrobe with being too bundled up.  They balance perfectly between school pick ups and date nights, transitioning between both seamlessly.  Sure you can wear it with cut offs and sandals but you can give the jacket some sex appeal with a tank, skinny jeans, and some incredible heels.

Screen shot 2015-09-14 at 2.26.18 PM

(first row) MOTHER The Cargo Jacket
J. TOMSON Military Jacket
Sanctuary Street Smart Military Jacket
TopShop Padded Parka

(second row) Rebecca Minkoff Beckals Jacket
TopShop ‘Elsa’ Four Pocket Utility Jacket
J. Crew Military Trench Coat
NLST Oversized M65 Jacket

Here are some additional options (with vests included!) that would be perfect for Fall