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One of my most favorite things to do with the family is getaway for little staycations around Southern California. There is really so much to see and do but yet we sometimes over look it with our busy schedules. This last weekend was open so we hit the road to Santa Monica to visit with some family and see Santa Monica and Malibu. It still shocks me that it took us this long to bring the kids. We were a little rained out on Saturday (compliments of a lovely tropical storm) but by the evening we were back on track. Sunday was gorgeous and the kids finally experienced the famous Santa Monica pier. Another staycation checked off the list.

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Also! The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale officially begins today! If you weren’t able to shop the Early Access, this is your opportunity to pick up all your goodies! Things sell out fast so I recommend not hesitating!
To see all my Top Picks for Women, click here.
To see all my Top Picks for Men and Children, click here.

It only seems fair that if I committed an entire post to all the amazing picks for Women at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale that I create the same thing for the Men and Children.  That is what I love about this sale.  It is the perfect time to update the entire family’s wardrobe while also working on Birthdays and Christmas shopping.  Hey, it is never too early for Christmas shopping.

One of my favorite looks for a guy is a v-neck, jeans and a pair of sneakers, which are all currently on sale right now.  I also love these sneakers, which I already own.  If your man is anything like my hubby, he seems to always be hot, not giving much thought to coats but a lightweight zip up is his go to.  We love to go away for the weekend’s and this overnight bag is perfectly masculine while keeping packing light and easy.

As for the kids, I just about died when I saw these mini Stuart Weitzman 50/50 boots.  I have the exact pair and couldn’t help but order a pair for Baby Girl.  Twinning at its best.  I am also a huge fan of Tea Collection and love picking up dresses such as this one at amazing prices.  For the boys, they tend to want to live in athletic wear these days so it is the perfect time to pick up a few pieces like these Nike jackets for when it starts to cool down.

Here are my top picks for the Men and Children.  Remember that Early Access ends on Thursday and the sale officially begins Friday!  To make sure you receive all the items you love, don’t wait!  You can shop the entire sale by clicking here.


J.Crew is currently offering 20% off when you spend $100+ and 30% off when you spend $150+ on the majority of items in their shop.  I absolutely love when J.Crew has these sales and it has been the perfect opportunity to pick up stocking stuffers, Christmas attire, gifts and client’s items.  I picked out some of my favorites below for her, for him and for the littles but I highly recommend making a visit to the shop by clicking here.  There are only two more days to get this great discount!

Happy Monday.

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The hubby wears a suit every day which means on the weekends, he wants to be in anything that is comfortable and casual.  I love a nice pulled together casual look on a man.  It can be just as sexy as a black suit and tie.

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< Sweater / Scarf / Record Player / Jeans / Socks / Candle / Watch / Sneakers / Phone Case >

If there is anything that can distract me from the beautiful summer days we are having and turn towards Fall and its cooler weather, it is the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.  Celebrated across the country, it is truly the sale of the year.  And it starts FRIDAY. Many of you may have already shopped the sale with “Early Access” (this is the only reason I have a Nordstrom debit card) but the doors open bright and early across the country Friday where the madness will continue late into the evening and for days to come.  As a previous Manager of Nordstrom, I was always amazed at how crazy it gets.  Don’t get between a woman and her sale!  It can sometimes become a bit overwhelming so I have pulled some of my favorites that you can shop now with “Early Access” or pick up first thing Friday morning.

Happy Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Shopping!

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First and foremost, I must say thank you for all the incredibly kind words I have received from all of you regarding the new layout and design.  The outpouring of support is amazing and it makes writing Juggling in Heels feel so rewarding.

As I was working through the new design and reviewing old posts, I began to notice that I consistently posted on my personal style and at many times, style for the littles, but I completely overlooked someone.  How could I have forgotten about my hubby’s style?  The man loves his clothes just as much as any woman does and yet the only two posts I had for him where potential Christmas shopping lists completed in 2012 and 2013.  FAIL.  I love that my hubby takes the time to keep himself looking put together, even when he is relaxing on the weekend after a week of wearing suits.  I began to notice that even though he would love to spend time shopping for himself, he really just doesn’t have the time and I tend to be the one who updates his wardrobe.  I began to then think that perhaps a number of women shop for their spouse or significant other like I do and just as much as we love finding goodies for ourselves, it is nice to find some goodies for them as well.  I love shopping for mens clothes and will be bringing that here, sharing from time to time some of my favorites for them.  It only seems fair.

When it comes to my husband’s style, my tastes have changed a bit over the last almost-13 years of marriage.  When we were younger, I found nothing sexier than him in a suit.  It seemed so grown up and sophisticated right out of college.  Put him in a classic black suit, white shirt and fabulous tie and I would swoon.  But then the suit changed shape.  It was no longer something he wore for a special occasion but more of a uniform that he wore every day, and has worn every day for the last 13 years.  Suddenly the allure of the suit began to fade.  I found that I stopped taking notice each morning when he put his suit on but began really taking notice on the weekends.  Suddenly, I had a thing for worn in jeans and white v-necks.  I began loving plaid shorts and vintage sneakers.  The laid back, casual look was now my favorite.  Don’t get my wrong, I love a nice tux on the man and he still looks great in his suits, I just like the weekend change up.  And so, I find myself always shopping for weekend wear, rather than the fancy stuff.

As we begin summer, it is time to refresh his closet with a bit of casual for barbecues, beach visits and lazy days.  My favorite.




When it comes to Christmas shopping, as much as I would love to walk leisurely through the mall with a latte in hand, slowly taking in all that is available, that is just not real life for me.  The majority of my shopping is done online through specific online retailers that I know can deliver the quality of gifts I am looking for in a timely manner, wrapped and ready to place under the Christmas tree.  There just does not need to be stress over Christmas shopping!

My favorite online retailer that makes shopping for the hubby EXTREMELY easy is Mr. Porter.  They have an incredible selection of designers, numerous gift ideas for the guy who is hard to shop for and they offer free express shipping.  There is nothing better than your package arriving in 2-3 days, boxed and ready to go right under the tree.  

Mr. Porter offers a range of items from tech accessories to socks to incredible coats.  There is something there for everyone.  These are some of the products I love that I am eyeing for the hubby.

Saturdays Surf NYC Sweatshirt
Aesop Athlete Grooming Kit
Beams Plus Socks
Rag & Bone Herringbone Jacket
J. Crew Cashmere Beanie
J. Crew Abingdon Waxed Cotton Carryall

Christmas shopping for my hubby is a pain in the ass.  He always says there is nothing he wants and he doesn’t care.  But he DOES care.  Apparently others feel the same way because I received an email from a reader, asking to pull some gift ideas for the boyfriend/hubby/friend in your life. Here are a few of my suggestions that are “Hubby Approved” to perhaps make it a little less painful this year.  Good luck to you all!

My hubby travels a lot for work and these are a must in his carry on.  I have used them in the past and they actually take all airplane noise away and makes it a much more comfortable flight.
My hubby uses skincare products and he is not afraid to admit it.  There are a number of items in this line he is fond of.  They have a very masculine smell and offer him just the minimal amount of skincare a guy needs to take care of himself without smelling like a woman. 
This has been a staple in my hubby’s golf bag since he received this in his stocking last Christmas.  Tommy Bahama also carries other incredible cigarware such as ashtrays and leather cigar tubes, all perfect for the man who loves his cigars.
My hubby wears suits every day so dress shirts are a necessity.  These are his absolute favorite and a special treat (the price runs a bit higher than most dress shirts).  They look great, dry clean extremely well and they also carry a ton of fabulous ties to go with them.  He prefers the slim fit but they also come in regular and extra slim fit.
That’s right, I said Jo Malone.  Though this is very commonly thought of as a feminine line, it is actually unisex and there are some very masculine scents that smell incredible.  My husband has taken to the Dark Amber and Ginger Lily cologne but there are a number of scents to choose from.
This is actually on MY Christmas list this year.  With a hubby who gets up at 4:30am, I would absolutely LOVE to have him use this instead of the iphone alarm sound I get EVERY. SINGLE. MORNING.
In his DREAMS!  For $395,000 he may have to wait a while for this one.

Now, after all this thinking about someone else, why not get yourself a treat?
Only one more day to enter the CEEK jewelry here.  Don’t miss out!