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No, no, no.  Stop it.  I am NOT pregnant.  Most certainly not.  Yes, my post title is a bit deceiving but I am not here to announce anything.  No Baby #4.  I apologize for those of you who would have liked to see me fall into a tailspin of craziness and anxiety about having another.  For right now, we are good.

I am however, excited to share with you a new book titled “You Know You Are Pregnant When….funny quotes from women who have been there” by Kate Casey.  Kate is the witty writer behind Love and Knuckles (a hilarious pop culture blog) whom I met a while back at an event.  I loved her candidness and commentary and soon began looking forward to her recaps on the Housewives more than the show themselves.  This book is the product of accumulating numerous quotes from men and women regarding pregnancy over the year and putting them together for our personal enjoyment.  For anyone who has been pregnant and had a baby, it is so SPOT ON that you laugh at how similar everyone’s experiences are…including cravings, emotional breakdowns, and sex.  For example…

You know you are pregnant when… you save your best outfit/undies for OB appointment day” – Natalie G., New York, NY

You know you are pregnant when… what you thought was a hangover/motion sickness from the cruise to Ensenada and an entire day of tequila shots lasts more than a few days” – Christa M., Jackson Hole, ID

You know you are pregnant when… strangers tell you their birth story” – Julia K., Newport Beach, Ca.

I sat down with Kate to talk a little bit about the book and how it all came about.

“You Know You Are Pregnant When…” made me laugh and relate to so many women.  What gave you the idea to pull quotes from so many men and women around the country and put it together in a book? 

I started collecting quotes four years ago because I thought it would make a great gift book for pregnant moms.  I didn’t find anything else like it and also thought it could become a series.  My next book will be “You Know You Are A Parent When…” and I am looking for quote submissions.

Through all my pregnancies, I had very funny (and sometimes humiliating) situations that so many other women have also experienced.  Did you find that many women responded with similar comments? 

I was thrilled to find out how many women had similarly hilarious experiences.  It’s a strange 10 months of your life and one you can only understand if you have lived through it.”

Were there any responses that completely shocked you?  Can you share one?

“Your husband starts calling you ‘jungle tits” – Devon H., Costa Mesa, Ca.

What is your favorite response that you have received?

My favorite responses are the ones from the husbands at the end.  “Every argument is lost with the words ‘I’m ruining my body for you”- Michael K., New York, NY (Michael is my friend from elementary school who is now a playwright in New York City and the father of two kids.)

How did you select the responses that made it into the book? 

I used almost every response.  There were only a few that I didn’t use because they were repetitive, which shows you how unique ever woman’s experience is when they are pregnant.”

You are currently pregnant with your fourth child.  Honest answer: are you one of those people who loves to be pregnant or are you over it?  I will be honest.  By my number three, I was over it.

I don’t mind it.  In the beginning it is pretty barftastic and I always feel like a walrus, but for the most part, it is smooth sailing.  I am also a strange person because I look forward to labor.  I look at it as an athletic event.  I am basically a baby hoarder.  I love babies.

Your blog focuses on reality show recaps and I can spend hours reading your hilarious commentary.  What made you start the blog and dissect the reality world?  Also, who is your favorite Housewife?

I have always loved to write.  A few years ago my husband’s friend Travis suggested I started a blog.  They say you should write what you know.  I know pop culture.  I can’t tell you anything about music, but I can tell you anything you need to know about made for TV movies, Saturday Live and comedies.  My idea of relaxation is watching a Bravo marathon.  I like to think of myself as a television anthropologist.  I translate pop culture for normal people.  I say what everyone else is thinking from the comfort of their sofa.  my favorite housewife is Bethany Frankel.

As a Mother’s Day treat, Kate and I have teamed up to GIVEAWAY a copy of her book to THREE lucky winners TODAY.  There is a catch though.  You must follow Juggling in Heels on Instagram (@jugglinginheels).  The giveaway photo will post at 9:00am TODAY on Instagram and the first three people to comment on the photo with #youknowyouarepregnantwhen followed by their own comment will win!  It is that simple!  Good Luck!  You can also purchase a copy by clicking here.

Happy Mother’s Day Weekend to all the amazing Mama’s out there!

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