Because isn’t that what we do?  As a mother and wife, I feel my entire day is about how effortlessly I can juggle my way through pure chaos.  Some days I am phenomenal, a super mom I would like to say.  And I will beam in my success.  Other days?  Well, on other days, the wine cannot be opened fast enough.  As for the heels, I can promise that I do not know how to actually juggle in them, but the title is my metaphor for the struggle women go through on a daily basis to be a mother and wife but still stay connected to who they were before they took on these roles.  I love the feeling of throwing off my flip flops and putting on a great pair of stilettos for a night out with my husband or friends.  I am instantly brought back to who I am without titles.  If you have not tried it in a while, look past the comfort zone of your flats and sandals and wear some amazingly high heels the next time you go out.  It feels amazing.

The Real Housewives of Orange County.  Oh what a show.  I really don’t want to watch it but you almost cannot help yourself.  And every week I watch it I think to myself, that is nothing like me and my friends!  I mean, I currently do not have fake boobs and my hair is a dark brunette so right off the bat, I am not fitting the correct image.  But then, what is a real housewife of Orange County?  Hell if I know.  But it did get me thinking, maybe exposing yourself like that makes you more honest.  I have always loved to write, but between baseball games, school schedules, laundry, friends and family, there is no way the great American novel I planned on writing in college is going to be completed.  So, here we go with blog writing.  I will be honest and I will share the things I love, whether it is about my children, my husband or the hobbies that I still define as “me” (reading, shopping and dining).  Hopefully it is enjoyable, entertaining and you can all relate.  Welcome to the world of “Juggling in Heels”.