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< Free People Tunic / Rachel Pally Leggings / Matisse Nugent Boots / Chanel Quilted Handbag / Dior Lipstick >

There was a long length of time that I could not get myself to wear leggings.  During my pregnancy with number three, I wore them ALL THE TIME and had written them off. They just felt like maternity clothes and I couldn’t deal.

Fast forward 5 years and I am finally ready to introduce them back into my closet.  I came across these Rachel Pally ones from ShopBuru and since I love the fabric of Rachel Pally, I figured these were a great pair to begin with.

I was right.  They are incredibly soft and worked great with this Free People tunic.  I paired the look with booties and a quilted gem, and we hit the town for a little dinner, duffy boat and concert with friends.

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dinner 6

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One of my favorite things about Fall is the re-introduction of Buffalo Plaid. It is my favorite plaid and makes me think of cool days, fire places and cozy knits. I tend to always be on the look out for new items that come in Buffalo Plaid so you can image my excitement when I walked past these beauties at Nordstrom in the BP Shoe Department.

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< Sole Society ‘Jenn’ Pointy Toe Heel >

I mean.

Not only are they Buffalo Plaid but the heel height is perfect for running around, they were extremely comfortable when trying them on AND the price tag was $69.95. They do come in a number of other colors and prints if Buffalo Plaid is not your thing but really, I think it should be your thing.

Here are some other Fall Buffalo Plaid items that you might fancy…


We are now in our second week of school and we are finally settling in to the chaos that is Fall. Lunch making, laundry loads, homework, practices, driving all over town. It is all back. I love this time of year but I can also feel overwhelmed at times. One area that becomes a bit stressful is dinner time. Though I would love to cook dinner at home every night of the week, the reality is, there are just some evenings that I physically can’t based on all the running around that we do. On the flip side, I really do not like fast food (with the exception of In-N-Out of course!) and would prefer take out over a drive thru. Unfortunately, take out involves just one more thing to order and pick up while driving all over town. Not ideal either.

Then I was introduced to DoorDash.

DoorDash is is an on-demand delivery service that brings your food to you without all the chaos of handling it yourself. An app that makes ordering easy and puts our dinner right on my doorstep on my time? It sounded too good to be true. DoorDash asked me to give it a whirl and Monday was “one of those afternoons” where the husband was out of town, we had a number of practices and there was no way that I was going to get dinner on the table with out feeling overwhelmed so I said I would give it a try. Here is how it went…

I went online and registered and then downloaded the app. I was immediately shocked with how many restaurant options there were. I was expecting just the same old local places we always eat at (boring) but was excited that I could order for a number of places not in our immediate area.


Since DoorDash allows you to place your order at any time, I decided it was best to get our order in right after school before the practices began so that I didn’t have to think about it later. Since it was just the kids and myself, I let them pick where we would order from. As much as I tried to get them to pick something new, they insisted on Ruby’s, one of their favorites.


We went through the menu, placed our order, I paid and tipped all within the app and set the delivery time for 6:15pm. This was the only time we had between one practice ending at 6pm and the next one beginning at 6:30pm. Within minutes, the order was placed and we were done!


So how did it work out? Well, first and foremost, I LOVED that they “kept in touch”. I received a text that my driver had arrived at Ruby’s and was waiting for our food. Then I received a text that he had received the food and was on his way. These texts gave me confidence that they were actually going to make it on time. I left the practice knowing the driver would arrive soon and as we were finalizing items for the next practice, the driver pulled up at 6:20pm, just in time for me to leave for the next practice. We dropped off my Oldest and the littles came home with me to immediately eat dinner. No time wasted.

image2 (20)

So my thoughts. I LOVED it. Plain and simple. I did not have to think about dinner once after I ordered. That is huge on certain days. I was also amazed that they actually arrived within 5 minutes of my scheduled delivery time. Considering I placed that order at 3:30pm, that is extremely precise. The food was warm (another big deal) and the kids got to eat at one of their favorite places without actually going out to dinner. It alleviated the stress of dinner planning for Monday night and I greatly appreciated that.  I will definitely use this service again.

So are you intrigued? Well the good news is that DoorDash is offering $5 off your first order with the code JUGGLINGINHEELS. The delivery fee for new users is only $1 too so it is worth the try! This code expires on October 31st so give it a try in the next two months! You can sign up by clicking here.  I promise it will make dinner easier on those nights where our heads are spinning!

Thank you DoorDash for sponsoring this post

Because I always love a good handbag and Fall is the perfect time to pick up a chic style and color. There is so much goodness out there right now and these are some of my favorites, though this post could have gone on for a while.

Screen shot 2015-09-01 at 7.13.30 AM

Rebecca Minkoff Frige Backpack
Milly Bucket Bag
Sole Society Fringe Cross Body Bag
Loeffler Randall Flap Bucket Bag
Oliveve Haircalf Emerald Queenie Clutch
Chloe “Drew” Crossbody Bag
Sophie Hulme Mini Envelope Bag
Rag & Bone Bradbury Mini Bag
Clare V. Flat Clutch

image1 (25)

Black + Denim + Chanel

The most classic and simple combination.

While we were in Carmel I pulled out this look for a romantic dinner with the hubby and loved how easy it was while still being chic.  The dress is by Heidi Merrick, one of my favorite designers who consistently creates beautiful dresses in fabrics that make you feel as if you are floating on air.  I was first introduced to her collection a few years ago and have yet to be disappointed.  This Monterey dress is made of cotton gauze and has been hanging in my closet, waiting for the perfect opportunity to wear it and I was so excited to take it out for a night on the town.  I also have a thing for the Windsor dress and may pull the trigger on that one too.  What I love about her pieces is that they never go out of style and can be worn for years and years (as evident by her dresses that I have worn into the ground!).

Here is a little secret too.  Though her price point may be on the high side, Heidi offers an “Item of the Week”, dropping the price that may be between $300 and $500 down to around $150.  Right now, this Florence dress, originally $567, is marked down to $150.  It is the perfect time to pick up one of her gorgeous pieces.  I highly suggest signing up for her newsletter and following her in Instagram, which is where she announces her items of the week.  I would hate for you to miss out!

image2 (19)

image3 (12)

One thing that I constantly see when helping individuals style their closet is the black and white mindset.  On one side, there is the Summer wardrobe.  On the other side, there is the Winter wardrobe.  So often they are kept apart and one is put away while the other one shines.  I really dislike this.

There are so many pieces that we wear in the Summer that can easily transition to the Fall with just a few styling changes.  Giving a piece more versatility makes the purchase make that much more sense and will help you feel as if you are really getting wear out of your clothes.

One piece that is incredibly easy to transition is the tunic.  For Summer, they work great with denim cut offs or as cover ups.  Paired with sandals there really are a no brainer.  That being said, they can easily move into Fall without hesitation.  Here is my example.  This Free People tunic is worn as a dress/coverup in the photo but with the simple addition of leggings and heeled boots, this would make the perfect date night look for a cooler evening.  To give the look even more detail, add a fedora, red lips and a classic clutch.  Then, if you like layers and coats as much as I do, take it up a notch with the final touch; a faux fur coat.  This simple tunic went from Summer casual to Winter glam in a blink.

Screen shot 2015-08-29 at 11.54.12 AM


< Tunic / Fringe Booties / Fedora / Leggings / Lipstick / Clutch / Fur Coat >

image1 (24)

< dress / booties / denim shirt / clutch >

The heat has hit…AGAIN. It seems summer has been spent with rolling heat waves and Mother Nature did not get the memo that we just don’t need another one. You just can’t seem to get away from the heat unless you run the air ALL DAY LONG.  It is crazy right now.  I have been fighting it by wearing these booties and a little denim but luckily this little Mommy Chic by Jessica tank dress is light as air and easy to wear when it is blazing outside.

As I mentioned yesterday, school started which is awesome because uniforms are back into effect.  I know I should get excited for Back to School Shopping but honestly, picking up these Converse for Baby Girl and these Nikes for the boys was enough chaos with them.  I am happy to stick them in neutrals, plaid and polos for the next few months.  Anyway, I would probably want to purchase things like this Kate Spade trench coat for Baby Girl which makes no practical or financial sense so uniforms are good for people like me.

I did pick up this tunic for myself though, which I will consider a little back to school shopping.

This heat wave is upping my excitement for Fall even more.  I really have a temperature issue.  If it is colder than 75, I am complaining that it is too cold.  Then it hits above 85 and it is suddenly too hot.  This is part of my crazy that the hubby needs to deal with.

So to pretend that it is not 100 degrees outside, here are some things around the web that I love for Fall  that are perfect closet staples.

Isabel Marant makes the best booties.  They are more expensive but I wear mine into the ground and they do not look like it at all.  I am currently eyeing these ones for this year.

I made a visit to Shop Buru yesterday and couldn’t help but order these Rachel Pally leggings.  Everyone needs a good pair of leggings in the Fall and I love the fabrics of Rachel Pally so I am excited to put them to use.  Hence the reason I ordered the above tunic.  I thought they would work great with these and a pair of booties like these.

Lately I have also really been into new shoes for Fall.  I love these, these and these but haven’t committed to any of them yet.  I just can’t decide.  Don’t worry though.  My birthday is just a few weeks away and I may or may not have sent out some links for a “wish list”.

Speaking of my birthday.  Did you catch the post on some of my favorite products to halt this face from changing any further?  Here is the link if you missed it.  One of my besties saw the post and actually said I need to try this cleansing balm too so I am picking it up this weekend.

Back to some more Fall favorites.  How good is a classic cable knit sweater?  I have had one from Club Monaco for years and it is still a favorite, worn way too much.  Here are some other great ones at all different price points.  They are a definite MUST for Fall.





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< Ribboned Denim Dress >

We made it!  The first day of school is complete and I officially have a 5th grader, 2nd grader and kindergartener.  For the first time ever, all three kids are at the same school and for the next four years I am will embracing one drop off and one pick up.  Big things happening over here!

Now that school is back and Fall is upon us, there is one word that becomes my mantra; efficiency.  The schedules pick up, sports begins, my meetings increase and to add to it, I am coordinating a wedding this October, which I am SO excited about.  This means that I really do not have time to think about much, especially what I am going to wear around town.  I need quick, simple, easy and chic.  Something I can put on without much thought and seamlessly move through my day.  This Ribboned Denim Dress from Anthropologie instantly caught my eye for this exact reason.

This sheath dress has an incredibly flattering cut, a stretch denim fabric which makes it extremely comfortable and can be worn with sandals, sneakers, heels and boots.  Basically, any situation I may be in, this dress works.  I took it out for a spin this morning for the First Day of school and paired it with these sandals.  It took 5 seconds to get dressed but I looked pulled together and ready to go.

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Anthropologie has a number of great denim dresses and tunics right now that will transition perfectly into Fall with the addition of tights, sweaters and boots!

As we begin school today, I am about to take my own advice and return to being the morning person that I am, rather than the lazier morning lady I have been this summer.  My second video with Aveeno Active Naturals just launched and it is the perfect time to remind myself what simple steps I can take to get back into the groove.  With so many moms getting back into the morning routine, I figured this could help us all! Here are my tips on becoming a morning person with Aveeno.


There is a big reality that started to set in a few years ago and is now hitting me smack in the face.  With my 37th birthday just a few weeks away, I am noticing that my skin is a bit drier, the fine lines are beginning to appear, exhaustion is present daily and it takes a little more than lotion and soap to keep this face looking youthful.  I firmly believe that when utilizing the proper products, you can help postpone the effects of aging.  I used to be really good about posting on what I use daily and then I began to completely flake on all of you.  After a weekend with my bestie, who is a product guru, I got excited about new products and sharing what I have found that works.  So this post kicks off my re-introduction to some of the products that I use and why.  I promise I will keep this going…

When it comes to what I used to do vs. what I currently do, things have gotten a little more complicated.  When I was younger, there were three simple things I would put on my face before walking out the door.  It was some eyeliner/mascara for the eyes, lip gloss for the lips and a quick powder or foundation (rarely) for the skin.  One, two, three and done.  It was really too simple.  Now that I have gotten a little more mature (we will go with that instead of older), it seems those three quick steps don’t cut it anymore.  It is just the truth.  To achieve the same look it just takes a few more things.  These are what I have added to the rotation… Screen shot 2015-08-24 at 3.31.23 PM Eye Masks and Concealer

So yes, I really do only wear eyeliner and mascara still, but I most certainly cannot stop there when it comes to my eyes.  I tend to have dark circles thanks to exhaustion and perhaps a little puffiness thanks to not enough water in a given day (I try, really I do).  In order to get the same youthful look, I have added these eye masks and this concealer.  These eye masks help to reduce puffiness and light dark circles, helping my eyes to look a little less tired.  They are perfect to use daily or simply before a night out on the town when you may be wearing a tad bit more makeup.  This concealer, on the other hand, goes on before I ever step out of the house.  Even if I have no other make up on.  It is the only concealer I have used that does a phenomenal job of keeping me looking refreshed all day long.

Lip Mask and Red Lipstick

This lip mask is new to the rotation.  I honestly have never really worried about my lips much but I am starting to notice that they are slowly becoming less full.  I still love my lips but agree that they can use a little attention every now and then to keep the moisture and fullness alive.  This mask takes 5 minutes and does transform your lips, removing the dry skin and increasing the fullness of your lips.  As for the red lipstick, I have just become obsessed.  I never wore lipstick (hence the mention of lipgloss) but the small addition of color to my lips transforms my look and really brightens my entire face.  I am a sucker for classic red and usually stick with this at all times.  I know a color this bright can scare people but the reality of it is, if I have this on with a pair of sunglasses at school drop off, I look way more put together than I really am.  Smoke and mirrors people.

Vitamin C Mask and Primer

Oh the days of using just a little powder or foundation and then running out the door.  I wish I could still do that.  Youthful skin that was always hydrated and never needed coverage.  I am jealous of my youthful self.  Today, I need to work a little harder at it.  I do think it is incredibly important to do masks throughout the week to keep your skin vibrant and youthful but one of my favorites is a Vitamin C mask.  It adds hydration and brightens the skin all at the same time and I swear I look younger when it is washed off.  A hydrated face wears makeup so much better than a dehydrated one and using this mask will help your foundation look better.  That takes me to the primer.  We all need primer.  It preps the skin, allows your foundation to be applied smoothly AND helps to keep your foundation on all day.  This one is my absolute favorite and I don’t plan on making a change any time soon.  You can absolutely see the difference when applying foundation without it.  No bueno.

There is a small start into the products that I use and I will keep them coming.  It is always fun to share and I would love to hear what you love too!  Feel free to share!