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Kaftan c/o Kaya di Koko, Hat c/o Red Fox

This past weekend was awesome.  We spent the mornings with family and at Mass and the afternoons and evenings at the beach.  For all the grief California can sometimes get, you cannot beat summer at a California beach.  So often we get wrapped up in everything that is going on in life that we forget to slow down a little bit and enjoy the beauty around us.  This was our first weekend home in a while but we treated it like a staycation, ignoring dishes and laundry for sandy toes and sunsets.  It was one of my favorite weekends so far this summer.

When it comes to beach days, there are only five things you need; a hat, a towel, a swimsuit, sunscreen and a kaftan.  Kaftan’s are the easiest thing to throw over a bathing suit for the beach but can also transition into dinner if you decided to stop on your way home.  I love the long, flowy look of a kaftan and they make moving around the beach, chasing after the littles extremely easy.  Some of my favorite ones include:

I love the Pitusa ones, not only because I love the style and colors but also because they come with a great price tag.

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Other great beach finds include…


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Sure skinnies have had their moment but I could not be more excited that Flares have made a strong presence back into the scene.  Perhaps it is all those years of watching the Rachel Zoe reality show but I am a true love for a very flared leg and high heel.  In fact, I do believe this lends itself to a much sexier fit than any skinny could give.  I have two pairs of flares that I have been obsessed with for years; the J Brand Love Story and Rachel Zoe denim.  Can you believe that for being such a petite person she makes the longest inseam for this tall girl?  Obsessed.  But of course a new season means a new pair and the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale has a number of great options.  I picked up a pair of the KUT from the Kloth “Chrissy” Stretch Flare.  Not only did I love the price (only $63!!) but the fit is exactly what I was looking for.  A mid rise, comfortable fit and of course, a long inseam.

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Here are some additional flares that are available at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale but make sure you pick them up before Monday when they go up in price!

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It is no surprise to those who know me (or follow the blog, or instagram) that I am a huge fan of the country life. There are so many reasons why but to sum it up, the country life provides a little slower pace, a breathe of fresh air and a more simple way of life. Give me a truck, open fields and a country song and I am one happy girl.

This past weekend the hubby and I were in Hollywood and attended the Kenny Chesney/Jason Aldean concert at the Rose Bowl. There is nothing better than dressing for a country concert. Let the hats and boots shine! I had recently picked up this poncho at the Nordstrom Sale and it made for the perfect light layer once the sun went down. Paired with boots, denim and a good hat, it couldn’t have been more perfect for the occasion. It is still available at Nordstrom but the $25 price tag will go up after the sale ends Sunday, August 2nd so make sure you pick this and any other items you have had your eye on soon!

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With the sale ending in only a few more days, I have pulled some last minute items that are all under $100 and worth picking up before they go up in price!


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Who doesn’t love Pineapples?  It seems everyone does because the Hawaiian fruit has been everywhere this Summer.  I jumped on the bandwagon when I was looking for easy pieces to pack for Mexico and came across this ONE by Pink Stitch maxi dress.  Sure it is covered in pineapples but it wasn’t a cheesy print (I have seen some bad ones) and I loved the idea of an easy dress than could be thrown over a bralette.

I pulled the dress out again this past weekend for a little LA weekend away with the hubby.  Again, it was easy and comfortable and made for the perfect transition piece that went from lunch to sipping cocktails by the pool.

Not into pineapples?  That is okay.  This dress actually comes in 7 other prints and for $88, they are not only cute but incredibly reasonable too.  You can view all the prints by clicking here.

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I think at this point it is pretty clear that I am a HUGE fan of booties. In Southern California, they are probably (next to sneakers) the most practical shoes. They work perfectly during the summer but transition extremely well into Fall and Winter. Because our Winters are pretty mild, they are the easiest shoe to throw on when the temperatures drop (just a little). I have always been a fan of the Mattise Nugent bootie. First and foremost, they are adorable. Then you add in the low heel (a huge plus for this run around mommy) and the many options available and you can really pair these booties with anything.  I picked up a blonde pair and a black pair (both on sale at the time) and initially thought I would return one of them but now I am just not sure.  I love them both and considering the two pairs were the price of one, how can I not keep them both!

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The blonde pair is still on sale and I would double check the black. It keeps going back and forth and there are a number of other options too!

As a side note, I also picked up these Flare denim jeans from the Nordstrom Sale and I couldn’t be happier. They have a fantastic fit that makes your legs a mile long, are really soft and are the perfect flare without being too exaggerated. The best part? They are only $63 until August 3rd.

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Happy Friday!

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I do love to dress up but there is really nothing better than a cozy knit and sneakers for my day-to-day dress.  With all the running around that I do, I like to be cozy but not feel as if I am always in workout gear.  I picked up this cardigan and these sneakers at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and have already began to put them to use.  The knit is perfect for Southern California and I have been waiting for the right High Tops to come along.  Enter these Vans.  The best part is that these two items don’t even total $100.  To be exact, the cardigan is $42 and the sneakers are $53.  You cannot beat those prices.  They go up after August 1 so make sure you purchase them soon.  I would hate to see someone pay full price when they didn’t have to.

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You can shop all my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale picks for women by clicking here.

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One of my most favorite things to do with the family is getaway for little staycations around Southern California. There is really so much to see and do but yet we sometimes over look it with our busy schedules. This last weekend was open so we hit the road to Santa Monica to visit with some family and see Santa Monica and Malibu. It still shocks me that it took us this long to bring the kids. We were a little rained out on Saturday (compliments of a lovely tropical storm) but by the evening we were back on track. Sunday was gorgeous and the kids finally experienced the famous Santa Monica pier. Another staycation checked off the list.

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Also! The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale officially begins today! If you weren’t able to shop the Early Access, this is your opportunity to pick up all your goodies! Things sell out fast so I recommend not hesitating!
To see all my Top Picks for Women, click here.
To see all my Top Picks for Men and Children, click here.

It only seems fair that if I committed an entire post to all the amazing picks for Women at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale that I create the same thing for the Men and Children.  That is what I love about this sale.  It is the perfect time to update the entire family’s wardrobe while also working on Birthdays and Christmas shopping.  Hey, it is never too early for Christmas shopping.

One of my favorite looks for a guy is a v-neck, jeans and a pair of sneakers, which are all currently on sale right now.  I also love these sneakers, which I already own.  If your man is anything like my hubby, he seems to always be hot, not giving much thought to coats but a lightweight zip up is his go to.  We love to go away for the weekend’s and this overnight bag is perfectly masculine while keeping packing light and easy.

As for the kids, I just about died when I saw these mini Stuart Weitzman 50/50 boots.  I have the exact pair and couldn’t help but order a pair for Baby Girl.  Twinning at its best.  I am also a huge fan of Tea Collection and love picking up dresses such as this one at amazing prices.  For the boys, they tend to want to live in athletic wear these days so it is the perfect time to pick up a few pieces like these Nike jackets for when it starts to cool down.

Here are my top picks for the Men and Children.  Remember that Early Access ends on Thursday and the sale officially begins Friday!  To make sure you receive all the items you love, don’t wait!  You can shop the entire sale by clicking here.


So I don’t normally post on Tuesdays but there are certain occasions that call for a little “out of the ordinary”. The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is one of them. Normally, I try to get into the store prior to the sale for Early Access but due to being out of town, it is just not possible. Luckily, they allow cardholders to shop Early Access online too. Between loads of laundry yesterday I began working my way through the sale. To be honest, I only made it through part of the Women’s Sale. I placed my order but am going to have to make another online visit for the husband and kids. So, for right now, I am going to share some of my favorite items for women. As you can see, my love for bohemian looks is still alive and strong. I love the amazing prices of the ponchos and sweaters and these boots are perfect for now and Fall. Of course I needed to throw in a pair of sneakers for good measure. I have so many skinny jeans that these boyfriends and these flares are the perfect way to break it up a bit. I have pulled some of my favorites below but will continue to share other finds along the way!

You can only shop the Anniversary Sale Early Access if you are a Nordstrom Cardholder but it is highly highly worth it.  If you have ever experienced how fast some of these items sell out, you know that it is much safer picking up your items in advance.  If you are not loving the idea of having another credit card, I would pick up the debit card.  That is what I have and it gives you all the Early Access benefits.  To be quite honest, the only reason I have this card is for the Anniversary Sale.

The sale starts July 17th so get your items before their gone!