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One of the key elements I think about when purchasing an item is its versatility.  When you live in Orange County, there is so much flexibility on what you wear thanks to the weather that you have a good chance of wearing a lot of your closet in both Summer and Winter.  I have friends that live in cooler Winter temperatures and I always have found it shocking when they say they pack up their Summer clothes, not to be seen again for months.  We are extremely fortunate and I am grateful that I get so much more use out of my items thanks to the moderate temperatures we have.  Is there a limit to this though?  Are there any pieces that just have to stay in Summer?  Sure there are, but there are also items that you would think will only work for Summer but with a few changes, can work right into your Winter wardrobe.  One of these pieces is the bathing suit cover up tunic.  Do I sound crazy?  Take a look.

Here is how my tunic is normally paired when it comes to summer.  Nothing but a beach towel and swimsuit.

Tunic 2

Sure this could go to the wayside with cooler temperatures but with some fringe boots, scarf and leggings, it instantly transform into the perfect cool weather ensemble…

tunic 3

It really is that simple.  Some times our closets just take an extra second to think about new ways to wear them and suddenly, we have expanded the piece’s use, giving it a lot more versatility.  I highly suggest thinking about some other items in your closet that don’t necessarily have to be packed up just yet.

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* This post was in partnership with Athena Swimwear and SwimSpot.

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